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Ouro and Real Madrid Forge a Partnership to Bring Financial Products to Global Football Fans.

Roger Hampel

Ouro Real Madrid
Ouro Real Madrid

Ouro, a leader in financial services and technology, has partnered with the legendary Real Madrid Football Club to introduce a range of innovative financial products specifically tailored for football fans across the globe. This strategic partnership aims to merge the thrill of football with the convenience of modern financial solutions, marking a significant step in the world of sports and finance integration.

Revolutionizing Fan Engagement with Co-Branded Financial Solutions

The collaboration between Ouro and Real Madrid focuses on developing co-branded digital banking solutions that will be available in key global markets such as the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, France, and the United Arab Emirates. These products, including prepaid, debit, and credit cards, are designed to enhance the financial experiences of fans, providing them with new ways to engage with their favorite team.

Exclusive Financial Empowerment with Real Madrid’s Seal

The exclusive partnership encompasses both the men's and women's Real Madrid teams, underscoring the inclusivity and broad appeal of the initiative. Ouro's commitment to financial empowerment aligns perfectly with Real Madrid’s dedication to excellence and community engagement, promising products that not only support fans' financial needs but also bring them closer to the team they love.

A Blend of Technology and Passion

At the heart of this partnership is the integration of Ouro’s advanced financial technologies with the passionate fan base of Real Madrid. Products like the Netspend brand, known for pioneering prepaid debit solutions, and the X World Wallet, a multi-currency wallet and payments app, are set to be enhanced with Real Madrid branding and Madridista loyalty program benefits. This approach not only promises to maximize the value for fans but also encourages financial responsibility and accessibility.

Forward-Looking Statements from the Founders

During the partnership announcement, Bertrand Sosa, president and chief brand officer of Ouro, expressed excitement about the collaboration. "This unique opportunity to help people take their money further so they can experience more of what they love is the motivation behind our work," said Sosa. Roy Sosa, CEO and co-founder of Ouro, also highlighted the shared values between the two organizations, emphasizing a commitment to excellence, winning spirit, solidarity, and humility.

Anticipated Launches and Future Plans

The partnership is set to kick off with the launch of a co-branded Netspend card in the U.S., timed perfectly with Real Madrid’s upcoming U.S. Summer Tour. Additionally, plans are already underway to roll out a co-branded digital multi-currency wallet later in the year, further bridging the gap between financial services and fan engagement.


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