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Mascot Remains a Network Partner of VfL Bochum.

Roger Hampel

VfL Bochum Mascot
VfL Bochum Mascot

MASCOT® WORKWEAR Continues to Support VfL Bochum 1848 in the Upcoming Bundesliga Season

VfL Bochum 1848 proudly announces the continuation of its long-standing partnership with MASCOT® WORKWEAR (Mascot International A/S), a leading expert in workwear. As part of this renewed collaboration, MASCOT will continue to supply various departments of the club, including greenkeeping, building services, warehouse, and events, with high-quality work shoes for the upcoming Bundesliga season. This trusted partnership is further highlighted by MASCOT’s presence on the LED boards at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion.

A Trusted Partner

MASCOT, a Danish family-owned company, is renowned for its excellence in the development, production, and marketing of workwear. With over 4,000 employees worldwide, MASCOT is dedicated to creating the best work clothing and safety shoes globally. The company’s showrooms in Germany, located in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, showcase their commitment to quality and innovation.

Supporting VfL Bochum’s Operations

For years, MASCOT has been an essential partner for VfL Bochum, providing durable and reliable workwear that meets the needs of various club departments. This includes the essential roles in greenkeeping, building services, warehouse operations, and event management. The partnership ensures that the club’s staff is equipped with top-tier work shoes, contributing to the smooth and efficient operation of the club’s facilities.

A Strong Presence at Vonovia Ruhrstadion

The partnership extends beyond practical support, as MASCOT maintains a visible presence at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion. Fans and visitors can see MASCOT’s branding prominently displayed on the stadium’s LED boards, underscoring the strong relationship between the two organizations.

Commitment to Excellence

MASCOT’s commitment to excellence in workwear aligns perfectly with VfL Bochum’s dedication to performance and professionalism. This collaboration is built on mutual trust and a shared goal of achieving the highest standards in their respective fields.

Statements from Leaders

A spokesperson from VfL Bochum 1848 expressed the club’s appreciation for the continued partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to have MASCOT as our trusted partner once again. Their workwear and safety shoes are essential for our daily operations, and their support helps us maintain our high standards.”

Representatives from MASCOT also shared their enthusiasm for the renewed partnership. “We are proud to continue our relationship with VfL Bochum 1848. Providing them with the best workwear and safety shoes aligns with our mission to deliver quality and innovation. We look forward to supporting the club in the upcoming season,” said a MASCOT spokesperson.

Source: Vfl Bochum Media


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