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Manchester City and Dwight School Hanoi Launch Premier Football School in Vietnam.

Roger Hampel

Manchester City School Vietnam
Manchester City School Vietnam

Manchester City has partnered with Dwight School Hanoi to launch the first Manchester City Football School in Vietnam. This groundbreaking initiative is set to provide bespoke football education at Dwight School Hanoi's state-of-the-art campus, which opens in August 2024 at The Manor Central Park, Hanoi.

Uniting Academic Excellence and Elite Football Training

Dwight School Hanoi, part of the esteemed global network of Dwight Schools, aims to nurture the potential in every student across its sprawling 41,000 m² campus. The school's curriculum from Preschool to Grade 12 emphasizes academic excellence, creative exploration, and collaborative learning. With the addition of the Manchester City Football School, the institution will now offer a holistic education that integrates world-class football training with academic learning.

Innovative Football Education Program

The football school is designed to introduce Dwight students to Manchester City’s renowned coaching philosophy and playing style, known for its success across various competitions. The program will be integrated into the school's physical education classes and will extend to after-school activities, weekend sessions, and competitive team play. This provides students with continuous opportunities to develop their skills while fostering a spirit of teamwork and discipline.

A Visionary Collaboration

Jorgina Busquets, Managing Director - Football Education, Recreation & Partner Clubs at City Football Group, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the shared values of innovation and excellence between Manchester City and Dwight School Hanoi. The initiative not only extends Manchester City's legacy beyond the pitch but also enriches the educational experience by merging athletic development with academic pursuits.

Brantley Turner, Head of School at Dwight School Hanoi, remarked on the deep alignment between the school’s educational philosophy and Manchester City’s commitment to player development and education. He emphasized that the football program is a natural extension of the school’s ethos of igniting the spark of genius in every child, applying it both in the classroom and on the football field.

Expanding Horizons

This partnership between Dwight School Hanoi and Manchester City Football School is more than just an academic or athletic venture; it's a commitment to developing future generations who excel both intellectually and physically. By providing access to top-tier football training and an exceptional educational framework, Dwight School Hanoi is set to become a beacon of comprehensive development for young talents in Vietnam.

Source: Manchester City Media


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