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Charlton Athletic Announces Renewed Partnership with Cannon Glass.

Roger Hampel

Charlton Athletic Cannon Glass
Charlton Athletic Cannon Glass

Charlton Athletic has recently confirmed the renewal of its partnership with Cannon Glass, signaling the continuation of a fruitful relationship with the glazing specialists. Cannon Glass, known for its adeptness in large-scale structural glazing projects, has been a long-standing sponsor of the football club. This new agreement promises to bring enhanced visibility and engagement for both parties as they embark on an exciting season.

A Strategic Alliance in the World of Sports and Business

Cannon Glass, under the leadership of Charlton enthusiast Stewart Gray, has become synonymous with high-quality structural glazing solutions. The company specializes in a range of services including canopies, balustrading, automatic door entrances, rooflights, and curtain walling. Their ability to work with a diverse array of suppliers ensures that they can meet the specific needs of each client, making them a leader in their industry.

This partnership is more than just a business transaction; it's a strategic alliance that benefits both entities. Charlton Athletic's Commercial Manager, Steve Sutherland, expressed his delight over the renewal, highlighting the personal connections and historical ties with Cannon Glass' leadership, including Stewart Gray and his father, John Gray. The agreement includes major matchday sponsorships, advertising, and hospitality deals, which will enhance Cannon Glass's visibility at The Valley—Charlton Athletic's home ground. Charlton Athletic Cannon Glass

Benefits of the Partnership Charlton Athletic Cannon Glass

The renewed partnership promises several benefits:

Enhanced Brand Visibility

For Cannon Glass, association with a beloved football club like Charlton Athletic means greater brand visibility not just locally but also in the wider sports community. This visibility is crucial for building brand trust and recognition, especially in a competitive market.

Community Engagement

Both organizations share a deep connection with the community. By renewing this partnership, they reinforce their commitment to supporting local initiatives and contributing positively to the community's development.

Shared Values and Growth

Both Cannon Glass and Charlton Athletic are poised for growth, with shared values of excellence, commitment, and community focus. This agreement provides a platform for both parties to leverage their strengths and grow together.

Exciting Prospects for Fans and Clients

For fans and clients alike, this partnership promises an exciting blend of sports and business. Cannon Glass clients can enjoy the thrill of football with enhanced matchday experiences, while Charlton Athletic fans can appreciate the steadfast support of a reputable local business.


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