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AC Milan Fashion Week Special: Off-White™ Unveils Rossoneri Collection.

Roger Hampel

AC Milan Fashion Week Special: Off-White
AC Milan Fashion Week Special: Off-White

Fashion Week Special: Off-White™

AC Milan, in collaboration with the iconic fashion brand Off-White™, has launched their second collection, marking the continuation of their collaborative journey. This time around, the collaboration has taken things up a notch by blending the world of football with high fashion.

This collection, aptly titled "off-pitch Uniforms", is not just about fashion. It carries a strong message with its designs. Both men's and women's teams of AC Milan are treated with these tailored outfits, which notably infuse traditional football aesthetics with the distinctive design codes of Off-White™. These designs challenge and transform the norms, blurring the boundaries between sport and fashion.

One of the standout elements of this collection is the red tag that graces the jackets. Not merely a decorative piece, these tags are embroidered with the "I Support" vernacular, initiated by Virgil Abloh in 2020. They pair this with various causes, such as 'Diversity', 'Equal Rights', and 'Freedom of Speech' among others. This provides the players an opportunity to wear their beliefs on their sleeves, quite literally. Moreover, this initiative isn't limited to just fashion; it extends to charity projects in alliance with Fondazione Milan, AC Milan's NGO.

AC Milan Fashion Week Special: Off-White™

Off-White™ is known for its distinctive designs, and this collection is no exception. The Summer uniform boasts a field jacket with creative details, pants reminiscent of traditional football uniforms, and an all-black suit that leans heavily into football traditions while keeping things fresh. The informal line-up is distinct, featuring a varsity jacket that captures Off-White™'s design essence, merged impeccably with football vibes.

To promote this unique blend of sport and fashion, Off-White™ partnered with Vogue Italia, engaging the talents of famed photographer Thibaut Grevet. The campaign brings AC Milan players such as Mike Maignan and Rafael Leão into the limelight, emphasizing their dualities - their athletic prowess and individualistic fashion sense. What's more exciting? Off-White™ is hosting a signature "Imaginary Dinner" during Milan Fashion Week at the San Siro Stadium, blending haute couture with the spirit of football.

The collection, which caters to men, women, and even children, brings forward jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and various accessories. These products aren't just clothing; they're a statement, a blend of Off-White™'s brand essence with AC Milan's legacy. Fans can look forward to getting their hands on these from September 22nd, 2023, available on various platforms, including Off-White™'s flagship store in Milan.

In conclusion, this partnership between AC Milan and Off-White™ is not just a collision of two worlds but an innovative fusion that resonates with values, fashion, and the love for football. It's an exemplar of how sport can transcend its traditional boundaries, merging seamlessly with the world of high fashion.


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