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UEFA EURO 2024: Prize Money, New Women's Competitions, and Future Tournament Updates.

Roger Hampel

UEFA EURO 2024 Prize Money
UEFA EURO 2024 Prize Money

The UEFA Executive Committee, meeting in Hamburg, has made significant announcements impacting the landscape of European football. From confirming the UEFA EURO 2024 prize money to revolutionizing women's club competitions, these developments are set to shape the future of the sport.

UEFA EURO 2024 Prize Money Distribution

The prize money for UEFA EURO 2024, set to take place in Germany, has been confirmed at €331 million, matching the amount allocated for EURO 2020. This fund will be distributed among participating teams based on their performance. Here's the breakdown:

  • Each team receives a participating fee of €9.25 million.

  • Match bonuses include €1.0 million for a win and €500,000 for a draw.

  • Additional bonuses range from €1.5 million for reaching the round of 16 to €8 million for the champions.

  • The maximum a team can earn, assuming they win all their group matches, is €28.25 million.

Revamping UEFA Women's Club Competitions

In a groundbreaking move, the UEFA Executive Committee has approved a new format for the UEFA Women's Champions League, featuring an 18-team league phase. Starting in the 2025/26 season, this change, along with the introduction of a second European competition for women's clubs, signifies UEFA's commitment to enhancing women's football.

UEFA Women's EURO 2025 and Beyond

Switzerland will host the UEFA Women's EURO 2025, with matches across eight cities, including Basel and Zurich. The tournament, running from 2 to 27 July, promises to be a spectacular showcase of women's football.

Other Key Developments

  • The UEFA Women's Futsal EURO will now follow a four-year cycle, with an increase in participating teams from four to eight.

  • The 2024/25 UEFA Nations League draw procedure has been approved, with the draw scheduled for February 2024 in Paris.

  • Latvia and Lithuania will co-host the 2026 UEFA Futsal EURO.

These announcements from UEFA mark significant strides in both men's and women's football. As fans eagerly anticipate these tournaments, the developments underline UEFA's dedication to evolving and promoting the sport across Europe.

Next Meeting

The UEFA Executive Committee is set to meet again in February 2024, on the eve of the 48th Ordinary UEFA Congress in Paris, promising more updates on the exciting future of European football.

Source: UEFA


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