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Torino FC and Joma: Moving Forward Together.

Roger Hampel

Torino FC Joma
Torino FC Joma

Torino Football Club and Joma Sport are pleased to announce the renewal of their technical sponsorship and global brand licensing agreement for the upcoming seasons.

A Continued Partnership

The Spanish sports brand, headquartered in Portillo de Toledo, will continue to support the Granata by outfitting all Torino FC teams – including the First Team and Youth Sector, both male and female. This ongoing synergy between the two organizations will ensure the continuation of their recent successful history in product development and innovation.

Global Visibility and Brand Strengthening

For Torino FC, this agreement ensures visibility in over 110 countries where Joma has a commercial presence. This wide reach will help to elevate the club's profile internationally. Conversely, for Joma, sponsoring Torino FC solidifies its brand image both in Italy and on a global scale.

Strategic Sponsorship

Sponsorship of professional teams and athletes is a cornerstone of Joma Sport's marketing strategy and serves as an entry point into national markets. Joma, long active in the world of sports sponsorship, currently serves as the technical sponsor for over 300 professional teams and national selections. Within the realm of soccer sponsorships, Joma Sport holds the third position globally in terms of brand presence.

Innovation and Market Presence

The collections developed and marketed by Joma Sport, along with significant investments in research and development, allow Joma to maintain a presence in nearly every sports discipline. This has positioned Joma as a leading brand in Spain and among the top ten sports brands worldwide, boasting a presence in 110 countries.

Commitment to Excellence

The renewed agreement between Torino FC and Joma Sport underscores a mutual commitment to excellence. Torino FC will benefit from high-quality sportswear that supports player performance, while Joma continues to enhance its reputation as a top-tier sports brand.

Looking Ahead

As Torino FC and Joma Sport move forward together, fans can look forward to innovative and stylish gear that honors the rich heritage of Torino FC while incorporating the latest in sportswear technology. This partnership not only celebrates their past achievements but also looks ahead to a bright and successful future.


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