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The Price Range of LaLiga Clubs Jerseys: 2023-2024 Season Edition.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Miguel Ángel Hernández

The football jersey, a symbol of team spirit and fan loyalty, is a cherished possession for every devoted football enthusiast. The cost of owning one of these emblems, however, can vary dramatically. This comprehensive price breakdown for the 2023-2024 season sheds light on the range of costs associated with official LaLiga team jerseys, from the club and manufacturer to the addition of a player's number.

FC Barcelona, teamed with manufacturer Nike, offers jerseys without a number at two price points, €154.99 and €99.99. With a number, the jerseys are priced at €174.99 and €119.99, respectively.

Real Madrid CF, in collaboration with Adidas, also provides two price tiers. Jerseys without a number cost €150.00 or €100.00, while those with a number are priced at €190.00 or €140.00.

Athletic Club, partnered with Castore, offers jerseys at €110.00 and €85.00 without a number. The price with a number is currently undisclosed.

Nike also produces for Atlético de Madrid, with their jerseys priced at €94.99 without a number and €112.99 with a number.

At the more affordable end of the spectrum, Villarreal's Joma-produced jerseys cost €61.90 without a number and €78.80 with a number.

Cádiz CF, with Macron as the manufacturer, offers jerseys without a number at €82.00, with the price for those with a number still undisclosed.

Getafe CF, partnered with Joma, prices jerseys without a number at €70.00 and those with a number at €82.00. Similarly, Girona FC, in collaboration with Puma, offers jerseys at €80.00 without a number and €95.00 with a number.

UD Las Palmas's jerseys, manufactured by Hummel, are available at €69.95 without a number and €84.95 with a number. R. Betis, also partnering with Hummel, offers jerseys at €79.95 without a number and €98.10 with a number.

RCD Mallorca, another Nike-associated club, has jerseys priced at €84.99 without a number and €99.98 with a number. Meanwhile, the jerseys from Real Sociedad and Sevilla FC, both manufactured by Macron and Castore respectively, are priced at €80.00 without a number.

The jersey prices for Deportivo Alavés, UD Almeria, RC Celta, Granada CF, CA Osasuna, Rayo Vallecano, and Valencia CF remain undisclosed as we approach the 23/24 season.

This in-depth analysis provides invaluable insights into the pricing structure of LaLiga team jerseys, offering both fans and analysts a better understanding of consumer expenditure and club revenue streams. The varied pricing across LaLiga clubs reflects the intricacies of manufacturing costs, branding, and market demand.


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