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SV Darmstadt 98 Stadium Embarks on a Solar Journey with ENTEGA.

Roger Hampel

SV Darmstadt ENTEGA
SV Darmstadt ENTEGA

SV Darmstadt 98, in collaboration with long-standing partner ENTEGA, an eco-energy and telecommunications provider, has taken a significant leap towards sustainability by inaugurating a vast photovoltaic (PV) installation on the roofs of Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor's main and opposite stands. Spanning nearly 5,700 square meters, the installation boasts around 2,900 PV modules, marking a substantial stride in renewable energy utilization within sports facilities.

Solar Energy Scores a Goal for Sustainability

With a capacity of approximately 1,200 kWp, it stands as Darmstadt's largest solar energy project. The installation's annual output is substantial enough to power around 450 households with green electricity, showcasing a commitment to reducing the environmental footprint by saving approximately 840 tons of CO2 annually compared to the national electricity mix.

Direct Benefits and Community Contribution SV Darmstadt ENTEGA

A unique aspect of this initiative is the direct utilization of the generated solar power within the stadium, embodying an eco-conscious approach to energy consumption. Estimates by ENTEGA suggest that about 46% of the electricity produced can be used on-site, supporting the stadium's operations. Excess energy not utilized by SV 98 is fed into the local grid, benefiting the broader Darmstadt community by providing clean, renewable power to local households.

A Partnership Rooted in Sustainability

Dr. Marie-Luise Wolff, CEO of ENTEGA, emphasized the importance of accelerating the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure, pointing out the project as a testament to the strategic emphasis on photovoltaic solutions amidst challenges in expanding wind energy projects. The partnership between SV Darmstadt 98 and ENTEGA, enriched by a shared vision for sustainability, underscores the role of sports organizations in leading by example in environmental responsibility.

Michael Weilguny, Managing Director at SV Darmstadt 98, highlighted the club's dedication to a sustainable club culture, viewing the PV installation as a pivotal element of their broader sustainability strategy. The project not only signifies a practical step towards reducing the club's carbon footprint but also strengthens its role as a community leader in environmental conservation.

Source: SV Darmstadt 98


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