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Sevilla FC Expands Its Global Footprint in Mexico in Partnership with Aeromexico.

Roger Hampel

Sevilla FC Aeromexico
Sevilla FC Aeromexico

Sevilla FC has announced a strategic alliance with Aeromexico, one of Mexico’s leading airlines. This partnership marks a significant step in the club's ongoing efforts to strengthen its fanbase and brand visibility in Latin America, particularly in Mexico.

A Strategic Collaboration for Cultural and Sporting Exchange

The collaboration between Sevilla FC and Aeromexico is driven by a shared ambition for growth and internationalization. Both entities are iconic in their respective fields and are now joining forces to bridge the gap between two vibrant cultures that are increasingly interconnected.

Sevilla FC has seen a substantial increase in its following in Mexico over recent years, fueled by the presence of Mexican players such as Gerardo Torrado, Miguel Layun, Javier Hernandez (Chicharito), and Jesus Manuel Corona (Tecatito) who have donned the club’s colors. The team's visit to Guadalajara in August 2023 for a pre-season friendly against Real Betis further solidified their commitment to engaging with the Mexican audience.

Enhancing Brand Presence and Audience Engagement

This partnership is set to enhance Sevilla FC's positioning in Mexico and bolster Aeromexico’s presence in Spain. José María del Nido Carrasco, President of Sevilla FC, highlighted the importance of this collaboration, stating, "For us, creating ties between two important entities is great news and represents a big step forward in our international strategy, which has Mexico as one of our main focuses of growth."

Aeromexico has been instrumental in connecting Spain and Mexico, demonstrating resilience and innovation in international aviation. According to Sonia Oliveras, Aeromexico's Regional Sales Director, "The airline has become a reference point in international aviation, breaking its own records in interaction between Spain and Mexico this summer, just as Sevilla FC has broken country barriers and is reaching new heights."

A Legacy of Connectivity and Future Prospects

Aeromexico, nearing its 90th anniversary, operates 107 routes both domestically and internationally, including seven European routes, with a strong operational base at Mexico City's International Airport. The airline’s longstanding route between Mexico City and Madrid underscores the deep historical and cultural connections between the two nations.

Sevilla FC, on the other hand, continues to make strides in its internationalization process. The club's social media accounts have recently surpassed 20 million followers, with an 80% growth in international followers, illustrating its rising popularity not only in Mexico but globally. Exclusive content tailored for markets in the United States, the Middle East, China, India, and Brazil further cements Sevilla FC as a key sports brand worldwide.


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