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SABIC's Investment in Al-Ettifaq Club Signals a Game-Changer for Saudi Sports.

Salem Badughaish

In a significant stride towards fortifying the sports sector in Saudi Arabia, the renowned company SABIC is on the brink of acquiring Al-Ettifaq Club. This strategic investment aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to rejuvenate the country's sports industry. According to industry analyst Mohamed Barkat, all the intricacies surrounding the transfer of ownership of Al-Ettifaq Club to SABIC have been meticulously addressed.

What remains is the finalization of administrative procedures before the official announcement can be made. The genesis of this endeavor traces back to the Crown Prince's launch of an ambitious investment and privatization project for sports clubs. This project's implementation follows the successful execution of the first phase, underscoring the Saudi government's unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant sports sector.

The initiative holds particular significance as it dovetails with the objectives outlined in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. This comprehensive national plan envisions the transformation of the Kingdom across various domains, and sports is no exception. At its core, Vision 2030 seeks to build a thriving sports sector that not only excels on the international stage but also actively engages the private sector in its development. By doing so, it aims to create an environment where national teams, sports clubs, and athletes can achieve excellence across all levels of competition.

SABIC's proposed acquisition of Al-Ettifaq Club stands as a testament to the commitment of Saudi Arabia's leadership to drive innovation and progress in sports. It underlines the government's aspiration to tap into the corporate sector's potential to elevate the nation's sports scene. As the final administrative steps are taken, sports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the official announcement that will mark the beginning of a new chapter for Al-Ettifaq Club under SABIC's ownership. This exciting development promises to inject fresh energy into Saudi sports, furthering the nation's journey towards becoming a sporting powerhouse in the region and beyond.


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