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Paris Saint-Germain Women's Team Partners with Luxury Brand Barbara Bui.

Roger Hampel

Paris Saint-Germain Barbara Bui
Paris Saint-Germain Barbara Bui

Paris Saint-Germain Women (PSG) has announced a prestigious partnership with French luxury fashion brand Barbara Bui. Starting from the 2024-2025 season, Barbara Bui will become the official outfitter for the PSG women's section, marking a significant first in the women's championship.

A Blend of Sport and Parisian Fashion

This collaboration between PSG and Barbara Bui highlights a unique fusion of sport with Parisian elegance, showcasing both brands' commitment to excellence and their influence on the international stage. The partnership not only emphasizes the shared Parisian roots of both entities but also their desire to project contemporary and modern energy through fashion and sport.

Custom Designs for the Team

Barbara Bui is set to design bespoke pre-match presentation outfits for the players, which will include both formal and casual looks tailored to the personalities and preferences of the team members. This personal approach ensures that the outfits will not only be functional and comfortable but also resonate with the style and charisma of the individual players.

Barbara Bui expressed enthusiasm about the project, noting her joy in designing for such a dynamic and talented team. She emphasized her passion for articulating the character and personality of women, which she finds embodied in the talent of these elite athletes.

A Strategic Partnership for Growth

Fabien Allegre, PSG's Chief Brand Officer, expressed pride in this pioneering partnership, noting Barbara Bui's longstanding reputation for challenging fashion norms and celebrating femininity since its inception in 1987. This partnership goes beyond mere branding; it's a celebration of shared passions and a strategic move to enhance the visibility and appeal of women's football in France and beyond.


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