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New York City FC Teams Up with EmPower Solar: A Sustainable Partnership for the Future.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Roger Hampel


In a move that demonstrates a commitment to community development and sustainability, New York City Football Club (NYCFC) has announced its partnership with EmPower Solar, one of the leading solar installation companies in the Greater New York area. This alliance aims to engage fans and drive sustainable practices while focusing on youth development in the tri-state area.

The Power of EmPower Solar

For nearly two decades, EmPower Solar has been at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. With a mission to deliver high-performance solar power and battery systems to both residential and commercial clients, EmPower Solar has installed over 50 megawatts of distributed solar power since 2003. The company envisions a world powered by clean, renewable energy, paving the way for a healthier and more prosperous future.

What This Partnership Entails

Youth Soccer Programming

EmPower Solar will be actively engaging NYCFC fans in the tri-state area through various youth soccer programs. These initiatives aim to nurture young talent and provide mentorship opportunities, further expanding the community reach of NYCFC.

New Development Site for Youth

One of the standout aspects of this partnership is the establishment of a new site for NYCFC’s Saturday night youth development programs. EmPower Solar will play a crucial role in this, ensuring that more New York City youth have access to year-round soccer programming and mentorship.

Sweeping Benefits

To celebrate the partnership's commencement, EmPower Solar and NYCFC are launching a sweepstakes where fans have the chance to win four suite tickets to an upcoming home match. EmPower Solar will also feature as a supporting partner in NYCFC’s marquee events like the NYCFC Golf Cup and CityFest events.

Impact on the Community

Both NYCFC and EmPower Solar have a shared vision of community outreach and sustainable practices. Andres Gonzalez, NYCFC Vice President of Partnerships, noted that the partnership aims to have a "genuine, positive impact" by bringing sustainability and access to soccer to more New Yorkers. Matt Diiorio, EmPower Solar Chief Marketing Officer, echoed this sentiment, expressing excitement at the prospect of delivering significant savings to homeowners and enhancing public health by improving air quality.


The NYCFC-EmPower Solar partnership is a milestone in sports collaborations, one that prioritizes not just fan engagement but also sustainable development and community outreach. Through joint initiatives focusing on clean energy and youth programming, the alliance is set to make a lasting impact on New Yorkers, offering a model that could inspire similar partnerships in the future.


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