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Netting Wins in Tech and Sport: Crystal Palace Teams Up with ComAve & Tamias.

Roger Hampel

In a play that merges the world of football with innovative technology, Crystal Palace F.C. unfurls its latest strategy to elevate the fan experience by announcing an exciting partnership with ComAve and Tamias, set to roll out a fan-centric app on 1st December 2023. This collaboration promises to weave a tapestry that integrates sporting enthusiasm with the convenience of e-commerce and smart POS technology, drawing a broader, more enriched connection between fans, the football club, and local businesses.

A New Chapter in Fan Engagement

Crystal Palace, renowned for its distinctive approach towards fan engagement, is taking a novel step by allying with ComAve, a leading e-commerce platform, and Tamias, a provider of innovative point-of-sale (POS) software. This dynamic collaboration signals the dawn of an era where fan engagement spills from the thrilling chases on the pitch to exciting deals and offers off of it.

The upcoming app, an amalgamation of sport and tech, will enable fans to enjoy a plethora of unique benefits and services. The conveniences are not only limited to exclusive offers and discounts from local restaurants and national brands but also expand to a tailored, convenient, and innovative shopping experience. Whether at home, in-transit, or amidst the electrifying environment of the stadium, Palace fans will have a suite of exclusive advantages at their fingertips.

Converging Technology and Fan Loyalty

Barry Webber, Chief Commercial Officer of Crystal Palace Football Club, beams about the potential impact of the collaboration: “This partnership with ComAve and Tamias enables Palace fans across the UK to tap into a reservoir of benefits. From claiming loyalty points to availing discounts on food and drink, fans are set to enjoy a spectrum of advantages on matchdays and beyond.”

On the technical frontier, ComAve and Tamias bring forth their respective expertise in e-commerce and POS software to create an interface that is not merely a transactional platform but an ecosystem that echoes the spirited camaraderie of Crystal Palace fans.

"At ComAve, we are steadfast in delivering seamless and personalised shopping experiences," states Ivan Blum, CEO of ComAve. "This collaboration allows us to extend our marketplace to Crystal Palace fans, crafting exclusive deals and an unparalleled shopping journey."

Adam Haines, CEO of Tamias, mirrors the excitement: "Joining hands with Crystal Palace in this innovative endeavour allows Tamias to integrate our point-of-sale solutions with local businesses. We aim to magnetize fans towards restaurants and stores, crafting a win-win scenario for businesses and supporters alike."

Kicking off a Future of Symbiotic Partnerships

As Crystal Palace, ComAve, and Tamias weave this symbiotic relationship, it brings to light the potential for future collaborations where sport, technology, and commerce intersect. This strategic alliance not only redefines the parameters of fan engagement but also propels local businesses into a sphere where they can capitalize on the unbridled enthusiasm of football fans.

The fusion of these three diverse entities creates a playbook where each goal scored on the field echoes in the bustling businesses off of it, shaping a future where fans, football clubs, and businesses coalesce into a harmonious, mutually beneficial alliance.

FOT & Source: Crystal Palace.


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