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Merging Christmas Ambiance with Club Networking and Marketing. A Perfect Example from PSV.

Roger Hampel

PSV Christmas
PSV Christmas

In a striking display of creativity and strategic thinking, PSV Eindhoven has set a new standard in sports marketing and club networking. This holiday season, the club masterfully orchestrated a Christmas dinner, not just as a festive gathering but as a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships within the football community and enhance its marketing value.

A Christmas Dinner with a Twist

At the heart of this initiative was a Christmas dinner hosted on the very pitch of the Philips Stadion. But it wasn't just any dinner. The guest list featured mascots from various Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie clubs, turning the event into a vibrant and inclusive celebration of the football family.

Beyond the Festive Ambiance: Building Bridges Between Clubs

This gathering transcended the usual festive cheer. It represented a significant effort by PSV Eindhoven to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among clubs, usually seen as rivals. This innovative approach to building relationships not only promoted sportsmanship but also highlighted the club's role as a unifying force in the football community.

Enhancing Marketing Value through Innovative Networking

The dinner's unique setting and the gathering of mascots provided PSV Eindhoven with an invaluable marketing opportunity. The event caught the attention of fans and media alike, creating a buzz on social media and beyond. This not only increased the club's visibility but also reinforced its reputation as a forward-thinking and inclusive organization.

PSV Eindhoven's Model: A Blueprint for Sports Marketing Success

The event serves as a model for how sports clubs can creatively leverage traditional events for marketing and networking purposes. PSV Eindhoven demonstrated that with a bit of creativity, clubs can turn regular gatherings into powerful tools for brand enhancement and community building.


PSV Eindhoven's Christmas dinner is more than just a seasonal celebration; it's a testament to the club's innovative approach to sports marketing and relationship building. By successfully combining the festive ambiance of Christmas with the strategic objectives of networking and marketing, PSV Eindhoven has set a new benchmark for how sports clubs can engage with their community and peers, proving that the spirit of the season can be the perfect backdrop for fostering unity and enhancing brand value.


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