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LALIGA's New Strategic Direction.

Roger Hampel


LALIGA has introduced "The Power of All," a fresh campaign celebrating its new strategic direction dubbed, "THE POWER OF OUR FÚTBOL." This new campaign represents a crucial turning point in the competition's journey, underscoring the strength of the collective and LALIGA's ability to effect change through the beautiful game. It's more than a slogan; it's a statement asserting the amplified strength that comes from unity, paying homage to everyone within the LALIGA ecosystem.

This video is the initial step that LALIGA has taken to highlight its new mission. It encapsulates the spirit of football, emphasizing unity and power as fundamental aspects of LALIGA's identity. This new approach strives to evolve the competition by amplifying the collective passion that fuels growth in this sport.

A central theme of this video is the deep breath taken by Aron, the lead character preparing to make a penalty kick under the watchful gaze of his peers. This deep inhalation, a common preparation technique for game-changing moments, is symbolic of the rallying support from fans that provides Aron the strength to execute the kick. It serves as a metaphor for the potential of a collective when it works in harmony.

LALIGA's new direction is about achieving broader reach, targeting a wider audience, encouraging varied engagement, and fostering a multicultural environment that uses football to inspire the world.

This strategic repositioning reflects the transformation LALIGA has experienced over the past decade, witnessing significant growth and global recognition. With an extensive international network encompassing 41 countries, LALIGA has become one of the most renowned sports properties and the largest football ecosystem globally.

Ángel Fernández, LALIGA's Head of Global Brand and Strategy, acknowledges the brand's responsibility as a global icon to generate positive societal impact. This transformation aims to honor everyone involved in football and inspire the world with a globally inclusive value proposition.

LALIGA's new mission and the "The Power of All" campaign were developed in partnership with El Ruso de Rocky, a creative agency tasked with redefining the brand's purpose to "Inspire the world through the values of football." The campaign will be featured in conventional media outlets and across digital platforms and social media.

Lucas Paulino, founder of El Ruso de Rocky, expressed pride in being part of LALIGA's evolution. He expressed his belief that LALIGA is only beginning to unveil its full potential, with the best yet to come.

This new era for LALIGA began with the global reveal of its visual identity on June 5th. The "The Power of All" film not only impacts the 42 clubs of LALIGA who will showcase the new logo on their kits and the over 185 million users across LALIGA's digital platforms, but also the competition's fans who will witness this exciting transformation in stadiums, on television broadcasts, and digital platforms.



LALIGA's New Strategic Direction.


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