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LAFC Partners with Five Below to Enhance Fan Experience and Community Engagement.

Roger Hampel

LAFC Five Below
LAFC Five Below

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) has announced a strategic three-year partnership with Five Below, the popular trend-right, extreme value retailer. This collaboration aims to enhance the fan experience at BMO Stadium and strengthen community outreach efforts across Los Angeles.

Exciting New Additions to the Black & Gold Family

LAFC, known for its dynamic presence in Major League Soccer, is teaming up with Five Below to bring an array of unique experiences and products to its fans. "We are excited to welcome Five Below to the Black & Gold Family," stated Larry Freedman, LAFC Co-President & Chief Business Officer. He emphasized that both organizations deliver unique experiences to their guests and are committed to making a significant impact in the community.

Community Impact and Youth Engagement

A key component of this partnership is the enhancement of LAFC’s community programs, particularly those aimed at the youth. Five Below will serve as an associate sponsor for the LAFC Youth Camps & Clinics and a sponsor for the LAFC So Cal Youth. This youth soccer club, affiliated with LAFC and located in Los Angeles County, offers both competitive and recreational soccer teams and programs.

Joel Anderson, President and CEO of Five Below, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the shared missions of both organizations to create amazing experiences and make a difference in the community. "As two teams with incredibly passionate fans, we are excited to join together and continue the exciting growth of LAFC and Five Below in the Los Angeles area," Anderson said.

In-Stadium Experience and Local Store Events

Fans attending games at BMO Stadium can look forward to new offerings from Five Below, including a selection of unique snacks and candy available at Vicky self-checkout retail locations starting later this season. Additionally, LAFC fans should keep an eye out for special events hosted at local Five Below stores, further bridging the connection between the club and its supporters.

About Five Below

Five Below is a leading high-growth value retailer that caters primarily to tweens and teens but is loved by customers of all ages. Known for its trend-right, high-quality products, the store offers a vast range of items priced between $1 and $5, with some extreme value items exceeding $5 in its Five Beyond shop. The retailer’s product categories span across Beauty/Style, Room, Sports, Tech, Create, Party, Candy, and New & Now—offering something exciting for everyone.

Currently, Five Below operates over 1,600 stores across 43 states, with more than 50 locations in the Los Angeles area and 10 near BMO Stadium, ensuring easy access for LAFC fans.

Source: LAFC Media


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