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Klarna was Announced as the Main Sponsor of Legia Ladies for the 2024 Season.

Roger Hampel

Klarna Legia
Klarna Legia

Klarna, a global leader in payments and shopping, proudly announces its continued role as the main sponsor for the Legia Ladies team in the 2024 season. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment as Legia Ladies prepare to make their debut in the Orlen 1 Women's League, poised to showcase their prowess on a prestigious platform previously dominated by their male counterparts.

Warsaw, March 1, 2024 – As the spring round of the Orlen 1 Women's League beckons, the synergy between Klarna and Legia Ladies strengthens, setting a precedent for corporate support in women's sports. Klarna's commitment extends beyond financial backing, embodying a shared vision for innovation, equality, and excellence in football.

A Season of Firsts

The Legia Ladies' entry into the Orlen 1 Women's League is not just a leap for the team but a giant stride for women's football in Poland. The support from Klarna ensures that the team has access to unparalleled resources, mirroring the preparation and facilities available to the men's team of Legia Warsaw. This parity in treatment underscores a significant shift towards equality in the sport, promising a season where the Legia Ladies are not just participants but formidable contenders.

Training for Excellence

Preparation for the spring round saw the Legia Ladies training at the Legia Training Center in Książenice, benefiting from the same elite conditions as their male counterparts. This holistic approach, supported by Klarna, underscores the importance of tailored training regimes that consider the unique physiological needs of female athletes, including adaptations for menstrual cycles. Such attention to detail ensures that the Legia Ladies are not only fit but also strategically prepared to challenge the norms of the sport.

Beyond the Field: A Shared Vision

The collaboration between Klarna and Legia Ladies transcends the traditional boundaries of sports sponsorship. It's a partnership grounded in shared values of innovation, quality, and community building. Klarna's pioneering spirit, combined with a commitment to enhancing fan experiences, aligns perfectly with Legia Ladies' ambition to elevate women's football, challenging stereotypes and promoting gender equality in sports.

Amanda Moura-Pietrzak, Operational Director of Legia Ladies, articulates the essence of this partnership, "Working with Klarna has injected a new dynamism into our team. We're thrilled to carry the logo of a partner committed to the continuous development of women's football. Our shared values of passion, quality, and development make this collaboration a natural progression for us."

Empowering Fans and Enhancing Experiences

Klarna's influence extends beyond the pitch, impacting the fan experience directly. Through initiatives like the "Pay in 30 days" option available on the official Legia Warsaw ticket site and fanstore, Klarna and Legia are making live football matches more accessible to a broader audience. This approach not only enriches the fan experience but also strengthens the community's engagement with the team, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for the Legia Ladies.

Source: Legia Warsaw


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