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José María del Nido Carrasco Appointed As Sevilla FC President.

Roger Hampel

José María del Nido Carrasco Sevilla FC President
José María del Nido Carrasco Sevilla FC President

In a significant move that marks a new chapter in the history of Sevilla FC, José María del Nido Carrasco has been officially appointed as the Club President. This landmark decision came to light following the Sunday morning meeting of the Board of Directors, signaling a fresh direction for the prestigious football club.

The Board of Directors of Sevilla FC convened in a crucial meeting this morning, culminating in a unanimous decision to appoint José María del Nido Carrasco as the new Club President. This appointment marks the beginning of a new era for Sevilla FC, effective immediately.

Sevilla FC extends its heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing Club President, José Castro Carmona, for his extraordinary decade-long leadership. Under Castro Carmona's stewardship, the club experienced one of its most triumphant eras, proudly securing five UEFA Europa League titles among numerous other achievements. His dedication and vision have indelibly shaped the club's legacy.

José María del Nido Carrasco steps into the presidency following a commendable 16-year journey with Sevilla FC. His tenure at the club has been marked by an impressive ascent through various pivotal roles, including deputy secretary of the Board, secretary of the Board, a Board member, and most recently as Vice-President, a role he embraced for eight years. His deep-rooted connection and understanding of the club's ethos make him an ideal fit for this prestigious position.

In a noteworthy transition, José Castro Carmona will continue his association with Sevilla FC, taking on the role of Vice-President. This move ensures a seamless transition and continuity in the club's strategic direction.

Source: Sevilla FC


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