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JD Joins Forces with Wolves in a Dynamic New Sleeve Partnership.

Roger Hampel

JD Wolves
JD Wolves

In a significant development for sports sponsorships, Wolves have announced a strategic multi-year partnership with JD, a leader in sports fashion retail, to become the club’s official sleeve partner starting with the 2024/25 season. This collaboration underscores a shared vision between the two rapidly growing brands, each with robust international expansion ambitions.

Brand Synergy on the Pitch

Under the terms of the new agreement, the iconic JD logo will adorn the sleeves of the playing kits across all Wolves teams. This includes not only the men’s and women’s first teams but extends to the under-21 squads and the entire academy structure. This prominent placement reflects JD's strong commitment to fostering a deep connection with football fans and participants at all levels of the game.

Celebrating with a Unique Musical Collaboration

To kick off this partnership, Wolves and JD have taken an innovative approach by merging sports, music, and culture. In collaboration with Wolves Records artist Reepa, who is also a Wolves Foundation ambassador, and Birmingham-born artist/producer Mutual, they have created a unique track titled "Green Light Grove." This track features a stunning string arrangement by Rosie Danvers, a notable arranger who has worked with high-profile artists like Stormzy, Dave, and Adele. The track was brought to life during a memorable performance by a 30-piece string orchestra from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, set against the backdrop of Wolves' historic Molineux Stadium.

Expanding Global Reach

The partnership with Wolves is part of JD’s broader strategy to enhance its footprint in the world of sports. Having evolved from a single store in Bury, Greater Manchester, JD now boasts over 1,200 stores across 24 territories worldwide, including significant presences in the UK, Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific. This global perspective is mirrored in Wolves' own international ambitions, making this partnership a perfect match on and off the field.

Russell Jones, Wolves’ General Manager for Marketing and Commercial Growth, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome JD to our growing family of partners. Sharing core values and a keen interest in music and entertainment, JD is a natural fit for us. This partnership allows us to engage our fans creatively and innovatively."

JD’s Commitment to Sports and Culture

Michael Armstrong, Global Managing Director at JD, also commented on the collaboration: "We are delighted to welcome Wolves to our roster of top-tier football sponsorships. This partnership allows us to celebrate sports culture and amplify the spirit of teamwork. We are proud to stand alongside Wolves and champion the values of passion, integrity, and excellence that define both our brands."

A Promising Future Together

As Wolves and JD embark on this new journey together, the partnership is set to not only enhance the visibility of both brands but also enrich the fan experience through innovative initiatives. The alignment of their values and interests, particularly in embracing the broader culture around football, sets the stage for a series of engaging and transformative campaigns aimed at fans worldwide.

Source: Wolves Media


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