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HPE Aruba Networking to Power Connectivity at Everton's New Stadium.

Roger Hampel

HPE Aruba Everton
HPE Aruba Everton

Everton Football Club is set to elevate the fan experience with cutting-edge technology by partnering with HPE Aruba Networking. This collaboration involves a multi-year agreement making HPE Aruba the Official Supplier of networking infrastructure for Everton's new waterfront stadium, ensuring top-tier connectivity and a secure digital environment.

Innovative Network Solutions for Enhanced Fan Experience

As Everton prepares to open its new 52,888-capacity stadium for the 2025/26 season, HPE Aruba Networking will implement a sophisticated network system that includes state-of-the-art switches, access points, and both WI-FI and wired network management and security software. This infrastructure will support Everton’s connected stadium strategy, utilizing digital technologies to enhance every aspect of the game day experience.

The comprehensive networking solution provided by HPE Aruba, a business unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will enable fans to enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the stadium. This includes real-time access to digital services, faster service at concession stands, and improved overall engagement through mobile devices and digital displays.

Strategic Partnership for Digital Transformation HPE Aruba Everton

Richard Kenyon, Chief Commercial and Communications Officer at Everton Football Club, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “Working with HPE Aruba Networking will give Everton Stadium a best-in-class Wi-Fi network infrastructure. Their expertise in networking some of the biggest venues in the UK, Europe, and North America will be crucial as we develop the digital infrastructure and potential of Everton Stadium.”

The partnership is also set to improve operational efficiencies, allowing for smoother game day operations and enhanced security measures, critical for the safety and enjoyment of fans.

Enhancing Matchday and Event Experiences

Mark Weeks, director of UK & Ireland at HPE Aruba Networking, commented on the collaboration: “We are proud to be joining the project to deliver a world-class venue and a world-class home for Everton. At HPE Aruba Networking, we know that technology is a key element to every fan experience.”

HPE Aruba’s AI-powered, security-first network solutions will provide Everton with the ability to offer new fan services, real-time offers, and high-speed connectivity across the stadium. This environment will not only cater to fans during football matches but also enhance other events held at the venue, promising a versatile and technologically advanced space for all types of gatherings.

A Vision for the Future

This strategic move aligns with Everton's vision to build a modern, fully connected stadium that stands as a beacon of innovation in sports facilities. It underscores the club’s commitment to providing a superior spectator experience, leveraging the latest in technology to stay connected with fans and enhance their engagement, both on matchdays and beyond.

As Everton and HPE Aruba Networking work together to roll out this expansive network infrastructure, the partnership is set to redefine the standards of fan interaction and stadium management in the sporting world, making Everton’s new stadium a landmark project in the use of technology in sports.


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