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Gatorade Becomes the Official Sports Drink of Wrexham AFC.

Roger Hampel

Gatorade Wrexham AFC
Gatorade Wrexham AFC

Wrexham AFC has announced a new partnership with Gatorade, making it the official sports drink for both the men’s and women’s teams. This collaboration comes at a pivotal moment for the club, which is celebrating a second consecutive promotion and setting its sights on Premier League aspirations.

A Strategic Partnership for Growth and Visibility

The deal with Gatorade is not just about hydration; it’s a strategic alignment that enhances Wrexham AFC’s visibility on a global scale, particularly with the integration of Gatorade products in the upcoming season of FX’s show "Welcome to Wrexham." This show has significantly raised the profile of the club since its inception, making the partnership a natural fit for both entities.

Science-Backed Support for Peak Performance

Gatorade is recognized worldwide for its commitment to helping athletes achieve optimal performance through nutrition and hydration. The partnership will provide Wrexham players with access to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), a renowned facility focused on research and education in sports health and nutrition. GSSI will work directly with Wrexham players, conducting sweat testing and developing personalized hydration strategies to enhance their game-day performance and training regimen.

Engaging Fans and Enhancing the Game Day Experience

The collaboration between Wrexham AFC and Gatorade will also bring about exciting opportunities for fan engagement. Anticipate seeing Gatorade’s presence on the sidelines of all Wrexham AFC games and within televised broadcasts, reinforcing the drink's role in elite sports. Moreover, co-branded merchandise such as exclusive Wrexham Gx bottles and towels are on the horizon, offering fans new ways to show their support and connect with the club.

A Humorous Twist from Club Leadership

Club co-chairmen Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds brought their characteristic humor to the announcement, reflecting on past decisions and celebrating the new partnership with Gatorade. Their light-hearted commentary not only underscores the club's unique culture but also its serious commitment to advancing its athletic performance with Gatorade's proven hydration solutions.

Global Reach and Cultural Impact

Michael Del Pozzo, President and General Manager at Gatorade, expressed excitement about partnering with a club that has captured the hearts of soccer and pop culture fans worldwide. This partnership is poised to leverage the powerful blend of sports and entertainment, reaching new audiences and heightening the global appeal of both Wrexham AFC and Gatorade.

Looking Ahead: Wrex Coast Tour and More

The partnership announcement comes ahead of the club’s upcoming Wrex Coast Tour in the United States this summer, where both teams will showcase their prowess fueled by Gatorade. This tour promises to extend the reach of Wrexham AFC and provide a platform for demonstrating the tangible benefits of this new collaboration.

Source: Wrexham AFC


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