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FC Schalke 04 Launches Carpooling Platform.

Roger Hampel

FC Schalke 04
FC Schalke 04

Schalke 04 has revolutionized the way fans travel to games with the launch of their new carpooling app, the S04-Mitfahrbörse. Initially introduced at the second Schalker Mitgliederkongress, it has now, after months of optimization, become a game-changer in fan transportation.

S04-Mitfahrbörse: Connecting Fans, Reducing Costs, and Protecting the Environment

Matthias Tillmann, the CEO of FC Schalke 04, proudly announced the release of the S04-Mitfahrbörse, a testament to Schalke's innovative spirit and dedication to its fan community. "Our fans' immense support has ranked us first in the league-wide away game attendance for the past two seasons," Tillmann noted. "With this new app, we're making travel to games more affordable and eco-friendly."

This fan-centric initiative originated from the Schalke membership community itself, conceived during the first edition of the Mitgliederkongress in 2022.

Schalke 04: The Nation's Largest Traveling Fan Base

FC Schalke 04 boasts the most extensive traveling fan base in the country, with an average of over 6,000 fans attending away games. This impressive turnout not only demonstrates the unwavering support of the Schalke fans but also emphasizes the need for efficient and sustainable travel solutions like the S04-Mitfahrbörse.

How Does the S04-Mitfahrbörse Work?

The app allows fans to share or search for rides to home and away games. Users offering rides can list their travel details, including time, route, and available seats. Conversely, those seeking rides can utilize the app's search function to find suitable travel options nearby.

Three distinct features enhance the user experience:

  1. Travel Search by Start and End Points: Users can specify their desired departure and destination points along with a specific date to find matching rides.

  2. Game-Specific Travel Options: Fans can view all available travel options for a specific game.

  3. Advanced Planning: The platform enables fans to plan their stadium visits well in advance, with options sorted by departure date.

Additional Features and User Agreements

The S04-Mitfahrbörse also includes a chat function for easy communication and arrangement of trips. Additionally, the app facilitates the splitting of fuel costs, with payment options including cash or PayPal. Rides can be offered for free, at a symbolic value, or in exchange for a meal or drink.

While Schalke 04 provides this platform to facilitate carpooling, the club emphasizes that agreements are made directly between users and should be considered binding.

Availability and Accessibility

The S04-Mitfahrbörse is now available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. Fans can use it for the upcoming home game against Hamburger SV on Saturday, January 20. Registration is simple, using the usual S04 account credentials.

Source: FC Schalke 04, Marcin Borzecki


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