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Elevating Travel with a Touch of Football: The BRIC'S X Como 1907 Collection at Harrods.

Roger Hampel

Como Bric's Harrods
Como Bric's Harrods

In an innovative move that bridges the worlds of fashion, travel, and sports, Como 1907, not just a renowned football club but a burgeoning name in the fashion industry, has partnered with Italian luxury luggage brand Bric's S.p.A. This collaboration has birthed the BRIC'S X COMOCOMOCOMO Luggage Collection, a testament to the fusion of athletic heritage and travel elegance. Currently showcased in the window of Harrods, the world's leading luxury department store, this collection is making a significant mark on the streets of London, illustrating the versatile appeal of sports in the fashion realm.

A Global Platform for a Unique Fusion

Harrods serves as the perfect global stage to introduce the BRIC'S X COMOCOMOCOMO Collection to the world. This showcase is not just about presenting luxury travel essentials; it's about narrating a story of convergence between the high-energy world of football and the refined realm of travel fashion. By choosing such a prestigious and high-traffic location, the collaboration highlights the collection's unique blend of sporty elegance and craftsmanship that appeals to a diverse audience, from football fans to fashion-forward travelers.

Beyond Borders: Availability and Expansion

Reflecting the global spirit of both Como 1907 and Bric's S.p.A., the BRIC'S X COMOCOMOCOMO Luggage Collection transcends geographical limits. Available online for a worldwide audience and in select stores in Milan, Como, and London, the collaboration ensures that enthusiasts from various corners of the globe can partake in this unique fashion statement. With plans to extend the collection to more locations, the initiative is set to capture the hearts of an even broader audience, blending the love for football with the joy of travel.

Impacting Visual Communication and Consumer Engagement

The strategic decision to showcase the collection at Harrods is a masterstroke in visual communication and marketing. In today's digital age, where visual appeal can dramatically influence consumer behavior, this collaboration leverages the power of imagery to capture attention, tell a compelling story, and drive engagement. The visual spectacle not only boosts brand visibility but also underscores the collection's unique narrative of combining the worlds of sports and luxury travel, potentially increasing online views and in-store visits.

Setting New Trends in Fashion-Forward Travel

This partnership between Como 1907 and Bric's S.p.A. is pioneering a new trend in the lifestyle sector, where sports heritage meets travel luxury. It marks a significant step forward in how fashion and sports can collaborate to offer products that are not only practical and high quality but also carry a story and an identity. As this collection gains popularity, it may inspire more collaborations that celebrate the intersection of different worlds, offering consumers innovative ways to express their passions and styles.


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