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Chelsea FC and Uppingham Cairo Forge a New Path in Football Education in Egypt.

Roger Hampel

Chelsea Egypt
Chelsea Egypt

Chelsea Football Club has announced a landmark partnership with Uppingham Cairo. This collaboration is set to establish the Chelsea International Football Centre at Uppingham Cairo, marking a significant stride towards elevating the quality of football training and coaching available to students and their families within the Uppingham community.

The establishment of the Chelsea International Football Centre in Egypt signifies a pivotal moment in sports education, marrying the prestige and expertise of Chelsea's renowned football program with Uppingham Cairo's commitment to holistic educational experiences. This initiative aims to offer more than just traditional academics, focusing on the development of young athletes by providing them access to unparalleled training methodologies and the professional ethos of one of the world's most celebrated football clubs.

Casper Stylsvig, Chelsea’s Chief Revenue Officer, shared his enthusiasm about the venture, emphasizing the club's dedication to nurturing young talent and fostering a lifelong passion for football. "Our collaboration with Uppingham Cairo is a significant step towards realizing our mission in Egypt. We are committed to providing a platform that not only hones the skills of aspiring footballers but also instills in them the values and discipline required to excel both on and off the pitch," Stylsvig remarked.

Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Tamer Tammam, Chairman of New Era Education, highlighted the importance of this partnership in enriching Uppingham Cairo's educational offering. "The introduction of the Chelsea International Football Centre is a testament to our vision of integrating sports education into our curriculum. We believe that this collaboration will play a crucial role in the personal and athletic development of our students, offering them an exclusive opportunity to learn from the best in the field," said Dr. Tammam.

The Chelsea International Football Centre at Uppingham Cairo is part of the school's Extended Hours Programme, designed to provide students with a wide array of sports and co-curricular activities. This initiative is not only aimed at fostering athletic talent but also at encouraging a balanced and well-rounded development for students. With Chelsea Football Club joining Uppingham Cairo's selection of elite sports academies, the school is poised to become a beacon of sports education excellence in Egypt.


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