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Bundesliga International Boosts Leadership for APAC Expansion.

Updated: May 16

Roger Hampel

Bundesliga APAC
Bundesliga APAC

As part of a strategic initiative to deepen its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, Bundesliga International is enhancing its leadership team with pivotal new appointments aimed at driving growth across diverse Asian markets. This move comes as the organization sets its sights on expanding its influence and operations in key areas including East Asia, Southeast Asia, and India.

New Appointments to Spearhead Growth

Tomoi Kouchi has been appointed as the new Head of East Asia. With an impressive background in sports management, including a significant tenure at NBA Asia, Tomoi Kouchi brings nearly two decades of expertise to Bundesliga International. His role will focus on expanding Bundesliga's footprint in Japan and South Korea, regions where the league has secured a new five-year collaboration with e-commerce powerhouse, Coupang Play.

Dennis Kittel has been promoted to Head of Southeast Asia and India, a newly created position that underscores the importance of these markets in Bundesliga’s strategic vision. Dennis Kittel, who joined Bundesliga International in 2018, has been instrumental in spearheading growth initiatives such as the Virtual Bundesliga’s International Series and the Bundesliga Dream projects across Vietnam, Thailand, and India. His new role will involve consolidating and increasing Bundesliga's market presence and revenue streams in these vital regions.

Mano Nhouvannasak is stepping into the role of Head of Strategic Projects for Asia Pacific. Previously involved in internationalization and brand development at top Bundesliga clubs like Borussia Dortmund and VfL Wolfsburg, Mano Nhouvannasak will now lead strategic projects aimed at bolstering youth football programs and strengthening ties with regional football, sports, and governmental stakeholders.

Strategic Focus and Regional Commitment

These strategic appointments are part of Bundesliga International’s broader aim to tailor its approach to the unique demands of the APAC markets. The organization plans to leverage the local insights and vast network of its new leaders to enhance engagement and cooperation with regional partners.

Peer Naubert, Chief Marketing Officer at Bundesliga International, emphasized the significance of these regions: “The Bundesliga has a longstanding connection with the Asia Pacific region, which has become a crucial area for growth. With the expertise and network of Tomoi Kouchi, Mano Nhouvannasak, and Dennis Kittel, we are well-positioned to tap into these expanding markets more effectively.”

Leveraging Local Partnerships and Cultural Connections

The focus is not only on expanding market reach but also on deepening cultural connections, which are vital for sustaining long-term engagement with fans and stakeholders in these regions. Initiatives like the Bundesliga Dream India project highlight this approach, combining local sports and cultural icons to resonate more deeply with the audience.

As Bundesliga International continues to expand its footprint in the APAC region, the organization is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of international football marketing and engagement, adapting to local preferences while promoting the global appeal of football.

Source: Bundesliga International


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