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BMW Powers Real Madrid with a Green Drive: The Transition to Electric Cars.

Roger Hampel

BMW Real Madrid
BMW Real Madrid

In an era where sustainability and sports intertwine, BMW Spain has made a significant stride in promoting green mobility. The recent collaboration with one of the most iconic football teams, Real Madrid, accentuates the role of automotive brands in influencing environmentally conscious choices among global influencers.

Green Goals with Real Madrid

It's not just on the football pitch that Real Madrid aims to score goals; they're now setting a sustainable benchmark off the field as well. In a recent event at Real Madrid City, the football first team was presented with an official fleet of BMW electric vehicles. These cars, carrying the '0 emissions' tag, are more than just a mode of transportation for the players; they're a statement of the club's commitment to the environment. By choosing to make their daily commutes in 100% electric mode, the team stands as a testament to modern sustainable lifestyles.

The Electric Line-up

The players had a range of cutting-edge models at their disposal, including:

  • BMW i4 M50

  • BMW i4 eDrive35

  • First-ever BMW XM

  • BMW iX M60

  • BMW IX xDrive50

These models are not just about raw power and performance. They embody the ethos of BMW's commitment to uniting dynamism, precision, and aesthetics with the core principle of electrification.

Performance Meets Sustainability

While the switch to electric might raise eyebrows about the performance, these BMW models put any such doubts to rest. The plug-in hybrids, armed with fifth-generation batteries, boast a commendable range. Depending on the specific model, these vehicles can travel between 80 to 110 kilometres in pure electric mode, as measured by the WLTP cycle.

This range aligns perfectly with the players' daily commute needs. With charging solutions both at their residences and Real Madrid City, players can conveniently plug in, ensuring they are always ready to drive green.

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