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Venezia FC Partners with New York University’s Tisch Institute for Global Sport for First of Its Kind Special Topics Course: “Il Calcio” Consulting for Global Football Properties.

Roger Hampel

Venezia FC New York University
Venezia FC New York University

Venezia FC has entered into a pioneering partnership with the prestigious New York University’s Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport, marking a new chapter in sports education and collaboration. This first-of-its-kind program, “Il Calcio: Consulting for Global Football Properties,” will merge academia and professional sports in an unprecedented way, offering NYU students an immersive learning experience that extends from Venice to New York City.

Bridging Continents Through Sports Education Venezia FC New York University

Venezia FC, founded in 1907 and known for its distinctive blend of sports, culture, and fashion, has teamed up with NYU to craft a dual-phase educational initiative. The program kicks off with a summer research project in Venice, where students will delve into Venezia FC’s operations, focusing on fan intelligence and strategic development. This Global Field Experience not only provides students with practical insights into the sports industry but also incorporates explorations of Italian culture in cities like Milan and Florence.

Following the summer, the collaboration will continue in New York with an advanced seminar titled “Il Calcio.” Led by Professor Gina Antoniello, who has a wealth of experience in global sports education, the course will cover various aspects of the sports industry, examining how global perspectives can enrich football’s (soccer’s) cultural and commercial impact.

Forging Future Sports Leaders

The partnership between Venezia FC and NYU underscores a shared commitment to educating the next generation of sports industry leaders. Professor Antoniello commented, “This collaboration is about providing our students with a hands-on experience that bridges classroom learning with real-world sports management.” Students participating in this program will gain invaluable experience that goes beyond traditional academic boundaries, preparing them for dynamic roles in sports management.

Celebrating Italian ‘Calcio’ in the Global Arena

The launch of this partnership was celebrated at an event at NYU’s Tisch Institute for Global Sport in New York, highlighting the cultural and sporting significance of Italian ‘calcio.’ The event featured a panel discussion with key figures like CBS Sports Analyst Marco Messina and Venezia FC’s CMO, Silvia Davì. The discussion focused on the influence of Italian football traditions on a global scale and the role of cultural understanding in sports marketing.

About Venezia FC

With its roots deeply embedded in Venetian culture and history, Venezia FC stands as a beacon of sporting integrity and excellence. The club’s journey through the Italian football leagues, highlighted by its recent promotions and the historic Coppa Italia victory in 1940-41, showcases its enduring legacy and commitment to excellence. As Venezia FC continues to innovate on and off the pitch, its focus remains on community engagement, cultural preservation, and global outreach.

A New Model for Sports Education

As the worlds of professional sports and higher education converge, the Venezia FC and NYU partnership sets a new standard for sports programs worldwide. It offers a model that other clubs and institutions can follow, emphasizing the transformative power of integrating sports with global cultural and educational experiences. This initiative not only enhances the educational journeys of its participants but also contributes to the broader understanding and appreciation of global sports dynamics.


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