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Venezia FC Announces Significant Capital Raise, Forms Elite Operating Committee for Future Success.

Roger Hampel

Venezia FC Capital
Venezia FC Capital

In a landmark move, Venezia FC (VFC), the esteemed football club from the romantic city of Venice, has announced a significant influx of capital from both existing and new investors. Founded in 1907, Venezia FC's recent investment news marks a pivotal chapter in its storied existence, indicating a strong forward trajectory in the competitive world of Italian football.

Strategic Oversight by the Newly Formed Operating Committee

The core of this transformative phase is the establishment of an Operating Committee (OpCo), tasked with overseeing Venezia FC's strategic direction. Comprising eleven members, the OpCo represents a significant majority ownership of the club. This committee isn't just a group of investors; it's a blend of individuals who have personally invested in VFC or represent family offices that have taken a stake in the club.

The OpCo will collaborate closely with Venezia FC’s Italian board and executive leadership to steer the club effectively. It consists of four sub-committees each focusing on key areas crucial for the club's growth—sporting, commercial, finance/operations, and venues—ensuring a well-rounded approach to management and development.

Leadership and Vision: The Backbone of Venezia FC's Future

The OpCo boasts a diverse range of experienced executives from various sectors, including finance, technology, and retail. Notable chairs of the sub-committees include Rob Hamwee, Senior Advisor at New Mountain Capital; Brad Katsuyama, Co-Founder and CEO of IEX Group Inc.; Duncan Niederauer, President of Venezia FC; and Barney Schauble, Senior Advisor at Nephila Advisors LLC. This eclectic mix of expertise is set to infuse Venezia FC with innovative ideas and robust business strategies.

Expanding the Ownership Base

In addition to the strategic structuring at the top, Venezia FC has welcomed new shareholders such as APEX, a sports-focused investment firm, and Chiron Sports Group, a Swiss-based asset manager specializing in Sports and Media. The involvement of these entities, along with Elliott Hill, a former senior executive at Nike, enriches the club's backing with a wide array of experiences and perspectives.

Structural Changes and New Appointments

As Venezia FC embraces this new era, there are significant changes within the board as well. Ivan Cordoba, a valued board member, will be stepping down to facilitate a smooth transition, demonstrating the dynamic shifts within the club’s governance.

Moreover, the club is excited to announce Jamie Reigle as the Vice Chairman of the Operating Committee. Reigle's extensive background with major sports properties like Manchester United and the Los Angeles Rams NFL franchise positions him as a key player in driving Venezia FC towards international acclaim.

Forward-Looking Statements

Jamie Reigle expressed his enthusiasm about the club's prospects, noting the unique opportunity to build a world-class football club in one of the most iconic cities in the world. His sentiments are echoed by Rob Hamwee and Duncan Niederauer, who emphasized their commitment to nurturing a successful football organization that aligns with the aspirations and spirit of Venice.

Source: Venezia FC Media


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