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Valencia CF and Chicago Bears Forge Innovative Partnership for Entertainment Content Creation.

Roger Hampel

Valencia CF Chicago Bears
Valencia CF Chicago Bears

In a groundbreaking collaboration that transcends traditional sports boundaries, Valencia CF and the NFL's Chicago Bears have embarked on a joint venture to create engaging entertainment content, marking a significant step in the convergence of European football and American football. This international activation saw NFL legend Roberto Garza, a revered figure with 14 seasons and a Super Bowl XLI appearance under his belt, visiting Mestalla, Valencia CF's iconic stadium, signaling a new era of sports partnerships.

A Meeting of Legends at Mestalla Valencia CF Chicago Bears

Garza's visit to Mestalla, a stadium visited by over 80,000 people annually and renowned for being the oldest in LaLiga, was more than just a tour. It was a cultural exchange, where he met with Valencia CF midfielder Pepelu. The encounter between these athletes from vastly different sports worlds highlighted the universal language of sportsmanship and dedication. Together, they explored the nuances of football and American football, sharing insights into their respective disciplines with each other and the club's mascot, 'AMUNT'.

Shared Identity and Strategic Content Creation

The collaboration between Valencia CF and the Chicago Bears is deeply rooted in shared elements of their identity, such as their traditional team colors—white, black, and orange—and their founding dates, which are just over a year apart. This shared heritage provided a unique backdrop for the creation of cross-content aimed at engaging a combined audience of more than 20 million followers across various platforms.

Expanding Horizons: North American and Mexican Markets

This international activation is a strategic move by Valencia CF's Communication, Marketing, and Commercial departments to penetrate the North American and Mexican markets. By attracting new audiences through innovative content, Valencia CF aims to establish a stronger presence in these regions. Similarly, the Chicago Bears' involvement is aligned with the NFL's ambitious international expansion program, which has identified Spain as a key target market.

Promoting NFL Growth in Spain

The Chicago Bears are committed to promoting the growth of the NFL in Spain, leveraging partnerships like the one with Valencia CF to enhance visibility on social media and cultivate a fan base through engaging content. This collaboration includes organizing workshops and watch parties in various Spanish cities, in partnership with the Wasserman agency, to further immerse Spanish audiences in the world of American football.


The partnership between Valencia CF and the Chicago Bears represents a pioneering approach to sports marketing and content creation, showcasing the potential for cross-sport collaborations to captivate and grow global audiences. By leveraging shared identities and strategic content creation, these storied franchises are not only enhancing their brand visibility but also contributing to the global expansion of their respective sports. This innovative collaboration sets a new benchmark for how sports organizations can work together to create compelling content that resonates with fans worldwide, bridging continents and cultures in the process.


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