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TSG Hoffenheim Teams Up with Enginsight for Cybersecurity Partnership.

Roger Hampel

TSG Hoffenheim Enginsight
TSG Hoffenheim Enginsight

TSG Hoffenheim has partnered with Enginsight, an innovative security software manufacturer from Jena, to bolster their cybersecurity measures.

A Strategic Alliance for Digital Defense

As of late 2023, TSG Hoffenheim has enhanced its defense strategy beyond the pitch by enlisting Enginsight to fortify its digital landscape. This partnership extends beyond typical sponsorships; it's an integration of top-notch cybersecurity into the club's DNA. With Enginsight's comprehensive security platform, TSG Hoffenheim is set to safeguard its IT systems against cyber threats, ensuring peak performance and availability.

Shared Tactics in Attack and Defense

The synergy between TSG Hoffenheim and Enginsight goes beyond a mere business transaction. Both entities excel in strategic attack and defense—Hoffenheim on the field, Enginsight in the complex realm of IT. This mutual understanding lays the groundwork for ambitious joint ventures.

Forging a Path as Digital Trailblazers

TSG Hoffenheim is poised to become a pioneer in the sports industry by adopting advanced technology solutions from Enginsight. By doing so, the club not only secures its operations but also sets a new benchmark for technological resilience in sports.

Denni Strich, the managing director of TSG Hoffenheim, acknowledges the critical nature of digital infrastructure security. "Enginsight's partnership fortifies our digital assets and serves as a foundation for technological advancements at the club," he asserts.

Mario Jandeck, Enginsight co-founder, and managing director echoes this sentiment, emphasizing their commitment to establishing TSG Hoffenheim as a model for security in the sports sector.


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