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Trademark Trouble for Erling Haaland: 'Haaland' Brand Already Registered.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Instagram/@erling.haaland

In an unforeseen twist, renowned football player Erling Haaland has encountered hurdles in his attempts to secure his name as the "Erling Haaland" brand. The obstacle? A fellow Norwegian beat him to it, registering the "Haaland" trademark first. Yet, the Manchester City forward's legal counsel isn't ready to admit defeat.

Despite a bump in the road with his surname, Haaland achieved success in trademarking his distinctive goal celebration. However, his request to trademark "Erling Haaland" was turned down by the Norwegian Patent Office. The stumbling block? A citizen from Oslo had previously staked a claim on the "Haaland" brand back in September of the year prior.

The famed footballer submitted three applications to the patent office: his signature, his celebrated goal-scoring style, and the "Erling Haaland" brand. While the initial two applications navigated the process smoothly, the latter met resistance due to the existing "Haaland" trademark.

Haaland's legal team is currently preparing a motion to remove the registered brand, arguing that it was done in bad faith and solely to reap financial gain from the footballer, as reported by the Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

TV2 highlighted a series of events: Last year in May, Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund agreed on a deal that would see Haaland donning the English club's jersey by July. Fast forward to September 8, and the "Haaland" brand was officially registered at the patent office in Oslo. TV2 noted, "The registrant must have been acutely aware of its potential worth."

The patent office will investigate the matter, but as they've warned, it may be a long and complex process. Two less complicated options remain: Haaland could bide his time for another four years until the trademark is automatically deregistered, provided no product is released under the name within a five-year timeframe from registration. Alternatively, a deal could be brokered with the current trademark owner to purchase the rights.

Trademark Trouble for Erling Haaland: 'Haaland' Brand Already Registered.


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