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The Business Aspects of Roshn Saudi League 2023/24: A Game-Changing Season.

Roger Hampel

Saudi League
Saudi League

The Roshn Saudi League has experienced a transformational 2023/24 season, witnessing unparalleled growth across multiple dimensions—from player demographics to digital engagement. This article explores how these changes have not only elevated the league's profile but have also positioned it as a significant force in global football.

Embracing Global Diversity and Youth Development

The Roshn Saudi League has made notable strides in enhancing its international appeal and competitive edge. With 156 players from 54 different countries, the league showcases a melting pot of cultures and playing styles, attracting fans and players worldwide. This diversity not only enriches the league's quality of play but also broadens its audience reach.

Moreover, the league's strategic focus on youth development is evident from its revised age eligibility criteria, lowering the minimum age for players from 18 to 16 years. This shift not only empowers younger talent but also ensures a pipeline of skilled players poised to make their mark both locally and internationally. The lowering of the average player age to 27.5 years from 29 further underscores this commitment.

Record-Breaking Performances and Goals

The season was nothing short of spectacular in terms of on-field achievements. An astonishing 909 goals were scored, marking a 40% increase from the previous season, with players like Cristiano Ronaldo leading the charge. Ronaldo's 35 goals set a new benchmark for the most goals scored in a single season of the Saudi league. Additionally, the season witnessed a record 17 hat-tricks, underscoring the high-caliber performance and excitement that the league continues to offer.

Infrastructure and Fan Engagement

Recognizing the importance of infrastructure in enhancing the fan experience, the league facilitated the construction of new stadiums for eight clubs. This development not only boosts local economies but also enriches the match-day experience, making it more enjoyable and accessible for fans.

High attendance figures, such as the 59,600 spectators at the Al Hilal versus Al Fayha match, highlight the league's growing popularity and the compelling spectacle it offers to fans.

Unprecedented Growth in Broadcast and Sponsorship

The league's expansion is also mirrored in its broadcast and sponsorship deals. Broadcasting in over 160 countries on 38 global platforms represents a significant increase in its media footprint, ensuring that more fans around the world can enjoy the thrilling matches. The growth in sponsorship—from three sponsors last season to 11, including a tripling of international sponsors—illustrates the commercial viability and attractiveness of the league.

Leveraging Digital Platforms for Broader Reach

The Roshn Saudi League has effectively harnessed social media and digital platforms to engage with fans globally. The league's social media channels have ballooned to over 11 million followers, a staggering 141% growth from the season's start. Furthermore, digital impressions across these platforms reached 1.5 billion, a 315% increase, indicating a robust digital engagement strategy that resonates with a global audience.

Fantasy Football: Enhancing Fan Interaction

The launch of the RSL Fantasy League, which quickly attracted 181,000 users from 50 countries, has added an interactive layer to fan engagement. This platform allows fans to actively participate in the league's dynamics, further enhancing its appeal and inclusivity.


The Roshn Saudi League's 2023/24 season marks a pivotal chapter in its history, characterized by strategic growth, inclusivity, and groundbreaking achievements. As the league continues to evolve, its focus on diversity, youth development, and global engagement sets a solid foundation for sustained success and influence in the world of football. This holistic approach not only enriches the league but also solidifies its position as a formidable entity in the sports industry.


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