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Saudia & Newcastle United: Soaring to New Heights Together.

Roger Hampel

Saudia & Newcastle United
Saudia & Newcastle United

Newcastle United and Saudia, the airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have once again joined forces. The club proudly unveiled its latest venture with Saudia, continuing their journey as Newcastle United's official airline partner for the 2023/24 season and beyond. This collaboration sees the consolidation of Saudia's commitment to the club, bringing the partnership into its second year.

Saudia & Newcastle United

A Strategic Union

Newcastle United's thriving connection with Saudia is no secret. With an investment of approximately £3 million annually, Saudia strengthens its position as a prominent entity in Newcastle's sponsorship matrix, marking it as the third KSA-origin entity to back the club. This collaboration is a result of Saudia's unwavering support for the Magpies during the 2022/23 season. Notably, they played a crucial role in facilitating the team's journey to Riyadh, ensuring seamless travels for warm-weather training and an unforgettable match against Al-Hilal.

What This Means for Fans

Beyond the monetary aspect, this partnership is set to enkindle excitement among Newcastle United's expansive fan base. Saudia aims to captivate fans around the globe by curating exclusive offers and experiences. Through Newcastle United's vast digital outreach and international television viewership, Saudia will touch the hearts of billions of football aficionados worldwide.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Newcastle United, Peter Silverstone, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. Reflecting on the synergy between the two brands, he emphasized the combined efforts to expand Newcastle United's global footprint, aiming to make it the top Premier League choice in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Shared Vision & Aspirations

Saudia and Newcastle United's alignment goes beyond mere sponsorship. Khaled Tash, Saudia's Group Chief Marketing Officer, highlighted the shared values, stating, "At Saudia, our vision has always been about forging connections that break barriers. We see these values reflected in Newcastle United, a club steeped in rich history and unwavering fan loyalty."

This partnership is not just about football. It's also a bridge that will introduce UK residents and global travellers to the many leisure and business destinations Saudi Arabia offers, with Saudia serving as the golden key. Operating from the ultra-modern hub at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and other pivotal terminals in Saudi Arabia, Saudia effortlessly connects over 100 global destinations to the heart of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Newcastle United


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