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Royal Caribbean Takes Center Stage on Inter Miami CF's Iconic Jerseys.

Roger Hampel

Royal Caribbean Inter Miami
Royal Caribbean Inter Miami

The synergy between these two South Florida titans was celebrated with the unveiling of Inter Miami CF's new jerseys, featuring Royal Caribbean's iconic crown and anchor logo. This alliance, heralding the start of the 2024 campaign, signifies more than just a sponsorship - it's a fusion of shared values and a commitment to excellence.

Royal Caribbean, renowned as the world's largest cruise line, now stands proudly as Inter Miami CF's Official Jersey Partner. This collaboration was spectacularly revealed during a vibrant event on the latest and much-anticipated vacation icon, the Icon of the Seas. In a surprise unveiling attended by Mario Lopez, a four-time Emmy award-winning host, alongside executives from both Royal Caribbean and Inter Miami, fans got their first glimpse of the club’s away kit, La Noche. This kit, inspired by the dynamic and electrifying nightlife of Miami, is now available for fans to purchase, symbolizing the blend of sports and leisure.

Jason Liberty, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, emphasized the shared values of dreaming and determination between the two organizations. He expressed his excitement about the future endeavors that Royal Caribbean and Inter Miami will forge together, not just in their respective industries but also within the South Florida community.

Xavier Asensi, Chief Business Officer of Inter Miami CF, acknowledged the significance of this authentic partnership. He highlighted the anticipation of seeing players donning the iconic jerseys, emblazoned with Royal Caribbean's logo, in front of fans worldwide. This partnership, announced in August 2023, extends beyond the jerseys. It encompasses in-match content, fan zone activations, and digital platforms, with more community initiatives and experiences on Royal Caribbean ships in the pipeline.

Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, expressed his pride in the partnership, emphasizing the company's 55-year history in South Florida. He noted the unique opportunity to be at the center of memorable moments for fans, aligning with Royal Caribbean's legacy of creating unforgettable vacation experiences.

The partnership was further celebrated with the introduction of Royal Caribbean's newest vacation marvel, the Icon of the Seas. In a momentous naming ceremony, Lionel Messi, TIME’s 2023 Athlete of the Year and an eight-time Ballon d’Or winner, bestowed his blessings on the ship. This event underlines the magnitude of the partnership, uniting the worlds of soccer and cruising in a spectacular fashion.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Inter Miami CF and Royal Caribbean International is more than a sponsorship; it's a testament to the shared vision of excellence and community engagement. As Inter Miami players take to the field in their Royal Caribbean-branded jerseys, they carry with them the spirit of South Florida, a region synonymous with vibrancy, passion, and innovation.


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