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Rangers to Boost Ibrox Stadium Capacity and Accessibility in the 2024/25 Season.

Roger Hampel

Rangers Ibrox Stadium Capacity
Rangers Ibrox Stadium Capacity

FOT: Rangers

Rangers Football Club has announced an ambitious plan to increase the capacity of Ibrox Stadium and enhance accessibility for the 2024/25 season. This development marks a significant step in the club's efforts to improve fan experience and inclusivity.

Expanded Capacity and Accessibility

The club's new seating arrangements, set to be implemented next season, will see an addition of nearly 600 seats to the stadium's total capacity. This increase is not just about numbers; it significantly enhances the stadium's ability to welcome more fans, including those with disabilities. The expansion of the wheelchair-accessible area to 153 spaces means Ibrox Stadium will boast the highest number of wheelchair-accessible seats in Scotland, reflecting Rangers' commitment to inclusivity.

Enhanced Fan Experience

A key feature of the renovation is the expanded singing section within the Copland Front part of Ibrox, fostering a vibrant atmosphere for fans. Additionally, the construction of a new cantilever at the front of the Copland Rear will offer supporters some of the best views of the pitch, promising an enriched matchday experience.

Consideration for Current Ticket Holders

Rangers acknowledge the emotional attachment fans have to their seats. Those affected by the new arrangements, particularly in the areas designated for the new wheelchair-accessible space and expanded singing section, will be given priority to renew within the new cantilever. The club has ensured that supporters displaced by these changes will have the first opportunity to claim these new spots and will be automatically offered seats alongside their current friend and family groups.

Prioritizing Fan Preferences

Understanding that change may not be preferable for all, the club has made provisions for those who may wish to opt for different seating. These fans will be given priority for seat moves following the season ticket renewal period, ensuring that every supporter's preferences and needs are taken into consideration.


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