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Paris Baguette Announces the Official Global Partnership with Paris Saint-Germain.

Roger Hampel

Paris Baguette PSG
Paris Baguette PSG

Paris Baguette, the global bakery powerhouse, is proud to announce its official global partnership with the iconic football club Paris Saint-Germain. This partnership marks Paris Baguette's first foray into global sports marketing and represents a groundbreaking collaboration that will resonate with fans of both Parisian treats and football alike.

Paris Baguette PSG

Paris Meets Paris: A Cultural and Strategic Alliance

In the heart of Paris at the historic Parc des Princes, the home of Paris Saint-Germain, a significant sponsorship agreement was inked, echoing the greeting "안녕(AnNyeong, Hi), Paris Baguette." Gracing the occasion were key figures including YeonJeong Kim, Vice President Marketing of Paris Baguette HQ; Jinsoo Hur, CEO of Paris Baguette; Marc Armstrong, Chief Revenue Officer of Paris Saint-Germain; and Sebastien Wasels, Managing Director at Paris Saint-Germain APAC.

The Strategy Behind The Sweet Partnership

With a remarkable presence of approximately 4000 stores worldwide, including significant footprints in North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, Paris Baguette aims to leverage this partnership to bolster its global brand recognition and stature. Paris Saint-Germain, famed for its stellar lineup and innovative endeavors across fashion, gastronomy, and art, makes an ideal partner for Paris Baguette’s ambitious growth and brand awareness goals.

Sweet Synergy: Bringing Together Food Culture and Sports

Paris Baguette will harness the synergy of this partnership through an array of marketing initiatives beginning this month. Fans can expect to see Paris Baguette's presence come alive in the Parc des Princes during each home game, alongside opportunities to enjoy their baked goods and confections. Collaborations will feature key players, and a line of co-branded merchandise will be released, further sweetening the deal with promotional events offering tickets to games and official tours.

Executives Toast to the New Venture

"We are thrilled to be the first South Korean company to join hands with the esteemed Paris Saint-Germain family," shared Marc Armstrong, Chief Revenue Officer of Paris Saint-Germain. "Paris Baguette has woven a story of innovation and passion for over 35 years, deeply inspired by the allure of Paris and the iconic baguette. We are excited to support them in taking their pursuit of excellence to a global stage."

Jinsoo Hur, CEO of Paris Baguette, echoed this enthusiasm, "Our partnership with Paris Saint-Germain is more than a venture; it’s a celebration of culture and the shared joy that both food and football bring to people worldwide. With Paris as our muse, we aim to create a tapestry of experiences that resonate with our customers and football enthusiasts everywhere."

Source: / @PSG_KR via X


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