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NWSL's Kansas City Current Leads Transformative Riverfront Development with $800 Million Investment.

Roger Hampel

Kansas City Current
Kansas City Current

Kansas City, Missouri, is on the brink of a major transformation with the announcement of a new $800 million riverfront development project led by Kansas City Current, in collaboration with prominent partners like Palmer Square Capital Management and Marquee Development, along with the support of the Port Authority of Kansas City, Missouri (Port KC). This project builds on the momentum of the recently opened CPKC Stadium, the world's first purpose-built stadium for women's professional sports, to create a vibrant, mixed-use district on the Missouri Riverfront.

Strategic Vision for Urban Development

The development is strategically designed to extend Kansas City’s urban fabric to the water’s edge, creating a pedestrian-friendly environment that integrates with Berkley Riverfront Park. The plan includes the addition of hundreds of multi-family residential units, public gathering spaces, and a riverfront promenade. These elements are designed to foster community interaction and boost the local economy.

Economic and Social Impact

This project is not just an investment in real estate but a commitment to economic and social revitalization. An economic impact study projects significant returns over the next 30 years, with over $210 million in economic output for the city and $310 million for the state. Additionally, 10% of the residential units will be allocated as affordable housing, addressing the critical need for accessible living options in Kansas City.

A Hub for Community and Culture

The development aims to become a new cultural hub for Kansas City, featuring local food and beverage establishments, and year-round community activities such as movie nights, food festivals, fitness classes, and live music events. These amenities are designed to attract more visitors to the Berkley Riverfront area, creating a lively and engaging community space.

Leadership Comments on the Development

Angie Long, co-founder and co-owner of the KC Current, emphasized the historical significance of the location and the project's potential to reconnect residents with their riverfront. Similarly, Chris Long highlighted the global trend of waterfront development and expressed his ambition to match the world's best projects in creating an unparalleled experience at the Berkley Riverfront.

Raven Jemison, President of the KC Current, and Jon Stephens, President & CEO of Port KC, both expressed their enthusiasm for the project’s potential to enhance the quality of life in Kansas City and create a welcoming environment for all.


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