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New York City FC Celebrates Approval for New Soccer-Specific Stadium in Willets Point Redevelopment Plan.

Roger Hampel

New York City FC
New York City FC

The historic approval by the New York City Council of the Willets Point Phase II Redevelopment Plan marks a significant milestone in the city’s urban planning history. This ambitious project promises to transform a once-neglected part of Queens into a thriving community hub, featuring the first soccer-specific stadium for the New York City Football Club (NYCFC). The plan, which was passed with an overwhelming majority, aligns with NYC’s broader goals of increasing affordable housing and revitalizing urban spaces. New York City FC

Background on the Project

Situated on a 23-acre site, the Willets Point redevelopment is poised to host the largest all-affordable housing initiative New York has seen in four decades. This includes a new 650-seat public school, a modern hotel, and over 150,000 square feet of public open spaces, alongside the eagerly anticipated NYCFC stadium. This project not only symbolizes a new era for the Queens community but also positions NYCFC at the heart of this transformative venture.

Economic and Community Impact

The redevelopment is estimated to spur $6.1 billion in economic activity while creating 1,550 permanent jobs and 14,200 construction jobs, signifying a major boost to the local economy. This project extends beyond economic figures; it’s a beacon of community development and engagement, providing a multitude of public benefits including enhanced infrastructure and public services.

Stadium as a Centerpiece

The NYCFC’s new stadium is not just a win for the club and its fans, but a landmark achievement for Major League Soccer in North America. It signifies the sport's growing popularity and the city's commitment to supporting this growth. The stadium will not only serve as NYCFC’s home ground but also as a venue for various community events, integrating the club further into the fabric of New York City life.

Partnerships and Leadership

The project’s success is credited to a coalition of public and private sector leaders, including Mayor Adams, Council Member Francisco Moya, and the Queens Development Group—a collaboration between Related Companies and Sterling Equities. Their unified vision for Willets Point underscores the powerful impact of public-private partnerships in urban development.

As NYC prepares for the groundbreaking of the Willets Point redevelopment, the project stands as a testament to the city’s resilience and forward-thinking approach to urban challenges. The introduction of NYCFC’s first-ever soccer-specific stadium alongside a comprehensive plan for housing and community facilities heralds a new chapter not just for Queens, but for the entire city, promising a brighter, more inclusive future.


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