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New York City FC and Berkeley College Enhance Partnership to Foster Education and Career Growth.

Roger Hampel

New York City FC Berkeley College
New York City FC Berkeley College

In an inspiring development for aspiring professionals in the sports industry, New York City FC has announced an expanded partnership with Berkeley College, cementing the institution as the Official Higher Education Partner for both Undergraduate and Graduate Services of the club. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the realm of educational and career development within the sports sector, offering unprecedented opportunities for student engagement and professional growth.

Andres Gonzalez, New York City FC’s Vice President of Partnerships, expressed enthusiasm over the deepened alliance, highlighting the shared commitment of both organizations to creating equitable educational and mentorship pathways. “Our collaboration with Berkeley College has been fruitful, and we’re thrilled to build on this success, opening more doors for students to immerse themselves in the sports industry,” Gonzalez stated.

The enhanced partnership is set to offer a comprehensive suite of career readiness and professional training programs. Among the initiatives are a shadowing day with New York City FC’s front office and ongoing internship opportunities that provide Berkeley students with invaluable hands-on experience in a professional soccer environment. Moreover, New York City FC staff will benefit from tailored training and courses offered by Berkeley College, further bridging the gap between education and practical application in the sports domain.

An interesting facet of this partnership involves Rennert International, Berkeley College’s affiliate international language school, which will continue to support New York City FC’s First Team players with essential ESL courses, along with language translation and interpretation services. This collaboration underscores the holistic approach taken by New York City FC and Berkeley College in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for both players and staff alike.

Diane Recinos, EdD, President of Berkeley College, emphasized the partnership’s role in providing students with direct exposure to the business and operational aspects of a leading Major League Soccer team. “Through this expanded partnership, we’re not only enhancing educational and career opportunities but also integrating our students into the dynamic ecosystem of professional sports in New York City,” Recinos remarked.

Furthermore, this collaboration extends its impact beyond educational boundaries to include a strong focus on community engagement. New York City FC and Berkeley College are set to undertake joint volunteer and community service projects, thereby enriching the partnership with a significant social dimension. This includes active participation in the club’s community initiatives, such as the annual Consulate Cup, integrating Berkeley students into meaningful community service roles.

This strategic partnership between New York City FC and Berkeley College represents a forward-thinking approach to blending sports, education, and community engagement. It sets a new standard for how sports organizations and educational institutions can work together to empower the next generation of professionals, not just within the sports industry, but in any field, demonstrating the power of collaboration in shaping the futures of young professionals.

Source: NYFC


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