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Marc Wilmots Appointed as New Sporting Director of FC Schalke 04.

Roger Hampel

Marc Wilmots Sporting Director FC Schalke 04
Marc Wilmots Sporting Director FC Schalke 04

FOT: FC Schalke 04

In a significant move that marks the continuation of its strategic restructuring, FC Schalke 04 has announced Marc Wilmots as its new Sporting Director. The former Belgian international, aged 54, inked a long-term contract with the club on Wednesday, January 3. Additionally, André Hechelmann has been appointed to the newly created position of Technical Director.

"Welcome back, Marc!" – the club heralded in a statement, as Wilmots makes a notable return to the team with which he shared great successes as a player.

In his reaction to the appointment, Marc Wilmots expressed his enthusiasm: "I am very much looking forward to my new role. Schalke 04 holds a special place in my heart, having celebrated significant achievements here as a player. Now, I am eager to lead the charge in powering Schalke to renewed strength and carving out a successful future. Our goal is to inspire our fans with intense, attractive, and ultimately victorious football, which we can only achieve through focused and professional work by every individual, every day."

Matthias Tillmann, speaking about Wilmots, highlighted his extensive understanding of the football industry from various perspectives and his knowledge of what makes a successful team environment. As Technical Director, Wilmots will be deeply involved in squad planning and responsible for implementing strategies in the transfer market. His role extends to overseeing scouting activities, managing loaned players, and acting as a liaison with the Knappenschmiede, Schalke's youth academy, thereby focusing on both internal and external player recruitment.

This strategic decision by FC Schalke 04 underscores the club's commitment to restructuring and strengthening its sports department, aiming to revive its fortunes and reconnect with its glory days. Marc Wilmots' appointment is seen as a pivotal step in this direction, bringing his wealth of experience and deep connection with the club to the forefront of Schalke's ambitious plans.

Source: FC Schalke 04


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