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Manchester United Partners with Qualcomm for Tech-Driven Fan Experiences: A Strategic Alliance.

Roger Hampel

Manchester United, one of the world’s most iconic football clubs, has recently announced a multi-year global strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., known for its leading-edge Snapdragon platforms. This partnership aims to redefine fan experiences at Old Trafford and globally, leveraging Snapdragon's premium technology.

Qualcomm and Its Snapdragon Platforms

Qualcomm Technologies is a pioneer in technology innovation, specifically in the domain of Snapdragon platforms. These platforms are integral to an array of digital experiences, powering smartphones, wearables, PCs, and even augmented and virtual reality devices. With Qualcomm's expertise, the aim is to set a new standard in fan engagement across multiple platforms.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

This alliance brings together two giants in their respective fields with the intent to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both entities and their global communities. The collaboration will focus on enhancing new fan experiences by harnessing the high-performance capabilities of Snapdragon platforms. In simpler terms, fans of Manchester United can expect ground-breaking experiences that deepen their connection with the club.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration

Enhanced Fan Experience

One of the core objectives of this collaboration is to leverage Snapdragon platforms to provide cutting-edge fan experiences. This could range from augmented and virtual reality experiences at Old Trafford to interactive mobile apps that keep fans connected with the club.

Global Reach

This is a global strategic partnership, implying that the technological advancements won't be confined to the club's home ground but will extend to fans across the world. The aim is to make the Manchester United experience accessible and immersive, no matter where one is located.

Technology Integration at the Club

Qualcomm is enthusiastic about ushering in a "new era of technology integration" at Manchester United. Though specific details are still under wraps, this commitment suggests that Qualcomm's technology will likely be integrated across various facets of the club's operations, enhancing not just fan engagement but possibly also the club’s performance analytics, training, and other operational aspects.


The partnership between Manchester United and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. marks a pivotal step towards integrating advanced technology into the world of sports entertainment. By marrying Qualcomm's Snapdragon platforms with Manchester United's global fan base, this collaboration is setting the stage for a revolution in how fans engage with football. As both parties have expressed enthusiasm for what lies ahead, the global community eagerly waits to see how this alliance unfolds.


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