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Manchester United Announces Executive Shift: Richard Arnold Steps Down, Patrick Stewart Steps Up.

Roger Hampel

Manchester United Announces Executive Shift
Manchester United Announces Executive Shift

Manchester United has announced a significant transition in its executive leadership. Richard Arnold, who has been a pivotal figure at the club for 16 years, is stepping down as Chief Executive. The announcement, made on 15 November 2023, marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for the club.

End of an Era: Richard Arnold's Departure

Richard Arnold’s tenure at Manchester United has been marked by significant developments both on and off the pitch. His departure comes after a long and impactful 16-year journey with the club, where he played a crucial role in shaping its direction. Arnold's contribution to Manchester United extends beyond just business success; he has been a key part of the club’s journey through various footballing highs and lows.

A New Interim Leadership: Patrick Stewart

With Arnold's departure, Patrick Stewart steps into the role of interim CEO. Stewart, who currently also serves as General Counsel at Manchester United, will be taking on this additional responsibility, ensuring a smooth transition. His appointment as interim CEO is a strategic move, capitalizing on his deep knowledge and experience within the club. Stewart is tasked with maintaining stability and continuity during this period of change.

Joel Glazer’s Acknowledgment

Joel Glazer, Executive Co-Chairman of Manchester United, expressed his gratitude towards Arnold for his exceptional service. Glazer’s statement underscores the significance of Arnold’s contributions and the club's confidence in Stewart's ability to steer the club during this transitional phase. Glazer's comments reflect the club's commitment to maintaining its prestigious status while navigating through this management transition.

Future Prospects and Search for a Permanent CEO

This transition period is critical for Manchester United. While Stewart provides interim leadership, a comprehensive search process is underway to find a new permanent CEO. This search signals the club's intent to bring in fresh perspectives and new leadership to drive Manchester United forward, both in footballing success and organizational excellence.

Patrick Stewart’s Vision for the Club

In his new role, Patrick Stewart emphasizes his commitment to ensuring that the club remains stable and robust during this transition. He acknowledges the importance of embracing changes that can strengthen the club in the long term, both on and off the pitch. Stewart's vision for Manchester United involves supporting the search for a new CEO while maintaining the club's foundational strengths.


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