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LALIGA Discussing the Future of Sports Industry in Australia.

Roger Hampel



On August 31, 2023, the inaugural LALIGA Extra Time event took place in Australia, becoming a vital forum for discussing the future of the sports and entertainment industries. The event brought together major stakeholders including Villarreal CF, EA Sports, Optus Sport, and Matildas international player Elise Kellond-Knight. Notably, it served as a platform for unveiling LALIGA’s groundbreaking new identity.

New Identity and Partnerships

LALIGA's new identity goes beyond a mere change in symbol; it reflects a shift in strategy, positioning, technology, and broadcasting. Glen Rolls, LALIGA's delegate for Australia and New Zealand, emphasized, "We are proud to publicly present LALIGA's new and revolutionary identity here in Melbourne. This is not just a symbol change, but a change symbolized through our new partnership with EA SPORTS and various other transformative strategies."

The Digital Transformation of Football

One of the key discussions revolved around the digital transformation in football. Theresa Bray, Head of Marketing and Communication at EA Sports, and Aaron Lea, Associate Director of Digital Media and Platforms at Optus Sport, dissected the complexities of the Spanish competition. The recent collaboration between LALIGA and EA Sports symbolizes the union of two global brands focusing on authenticity and innovation. “The collaboration will bring extraordinary life to the video game sector,” affirmed Bray.

Audience Engagement and Media

Optus Sport, LALIGA's broadcasting partner in Australia and New Zealand, has prioritized the league in its digital and social platforms. "LALIGA's content is playing a key role in our short-form digital video strategy, with strong viral engagement observed on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels," said Aaron Lea.

Grassroots to Elite: The Future of Football

The second roundtable focused on the importance of a strong foundation in grassroots football for achieving elite-level success. Nano Márquez, International Academies Coordinator for Villarreal CF, highlighted that their club has three academies in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane focusing on local player development.

The Rising Importance of Women's Football

Elise Kellond-Knight, an international player for the Matildas, also spoke about the burgeoning future of women's football, particularly following Spain's win in the recent Women's World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand. “Spanish football has always been very technical, and in the World Cup, we saw a Spanish team that was not just skilled but also physically strong," she added.


The LALIGA Extra Time event serves as a reminder of how sports are adapting and thriving in the digital age. It also highlights the increasing globalization of football and how new partnerships are fostering innovation and growth in the industry.


LaLiga Newsletter. (2023). Australia acogió LALIGA Extra Time para debatir el futuro de la industria del deporte junto con clubes y entidades colaboradoras.


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