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LAFC And German Workwear Leader Engelbert Strauss Team Up For Unique Partnership.

Roger Hampel

LAFC Strauss
LAFC Strauss

In an exciting move that bridges the gap between sports and workwear, the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) has announced a pioneering partnership with Engelbert Strauss, Europe's premier workwear brand. This collaboration marks Engelbert Strauss's first foray into American soccer, showcasing the brand's commitment to expanding its global footprint while supporting the beautiful game in the United States.

Larry Freedman, Co-President & CBO of LAFC, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Engelbert Strauss's reputation as a trusted brand worldwide. This collaboration is not just a business move; it's a statement that LAFC represents "the World’s Game in the World’s City," embracing soccer's universal appeal and its vibrant fan culture in Los Angeles.

The partnership introduces an innovative co-branded merchandise collection, LAFC x Engelbert Strauss, which promises to offer fans unique workwear options that blend style, functionality, and their love for soccer. Available this summer, the collection will be accessible at LAFC HQ, online, and at the Strauss LA Store in Venice, providing fans with exciting new ways to support their team.

Henning Strauss, President and Chief of Brand at Engelbert Strauss, Incorporated, sees this partnership as a timely celebration of soccer in the Americas. With major events like the Olympics and World Cup on the horizon, and the sport's growing popularity in the region, LAFC and Engelbert Strauss are at the heart of a burgeoning soccer culture in Los Angeles—a city known for its diverse and passionate fan base.

This collaboration extends beyond merchandise, with Engelbert Strauss engaging with the community and skilled tradespeople by offering special experiences at matches and the Strauss LA store. The partnership also includes prominent visibility for the brand at LAFC events, including being the presenting partner of the May 29 match against Minnesota at BMO Stadium and having a significant presence on the home team benches and during pre-game arrivals.

LAFC's connections to Germany, including head coach Steve Cherundolo's long tenure with Hannover 96 and midfielder Timothy Tillman's German heritage, underscore the significance of this partnership. Engelbert Strauss's involvement in soccer isn't new, with established partnerships in the German Bundesliga and the UEFA European Championships, but teaming up with LAFC opens a new chapter in its support for soccer.


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