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Italian Football Shines in Algiers: Lega Serie A’s Strategic Role in Promoting Italian Excellence Abroad.

Roger Hampel

Serie A Algiers
Serie A Algiers

In an intriguing blend of sports and commerce, Italian football has taken center stage at the 21st DJAZAGRO International Exhibition in Algiers, showcasing not only the sport but also the wealth of Italian industrial and cultural prowess. This strategic move by Lega Serie A, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Maeci), marks a significant step in promoting the 'Made in Italy' brand globally.

Leveraging Football's Popularity for Business Growth

Football is more than just a game in Italy; it's a potent vehicle for cultural and economic exchange. Lega Serie A has harnessed this power to champion Italian industries abroad, utilizing the universal appeal of the sport and its iconic players. At DJAZAGRO, the presence of Christian Vieri, a celebrated former national player, underscored this strategy. Vieri’s engagement with exhibitors and attendees not only drew attention but also facilitated meaningful discussions around Italian excellence in various sectors.

Event Highlights and Strategic Engagements

Before gracing the exhibition floor at the Palais des Expositions, Vieri and the Lega Serie A delegation were warmly received at the Italian Embassy in Algiers by Ambassador Alberto Cutillo and Consul Omar Appolloni. This high-level reception highlights the importance of football in Italy's international relations and trade strategies.

During his visit, Vieri interacted with numerous exhibitors at the Italian collective pavilion, which was met with great enthusiasm from all attendees. This involvement goes beyond mere appearance; it serves as a poignant reminder of how Italian football legends can bridge diverse industries and cultures.

A Continued Commitment to Global Promotion

The DJAZAGRO event is just the beginning of a series of international engagements planned for this year, where Lega Serie A ambassadors will promote Italian excellence alongside ICE and Maeci. These efforts are not isolated incidents but part of a broader strategy that has seen the representation of Made in Italy at major international fairs from New York to London, and Frankfurt to Paris.

Impact and Future Outlook

The integration of sports into Italy's export promotion strategies offers a novel approach to business diplomacy. By tapping into the emotive power of football, Lega Serie A has found a unique edge in a crowded marketplace. The ongoing efforts to showcase Italian excellence through these cultural ambassadors not only enhance the visibility of Italian products but also strengthen international relationships and open up new business avenues.


Lega Serie A’s initiative in Algiers is an example to the innovative strategies being employed to ensure that Italian industries and cultural products gain the international recognition they deserve. As this series of events unfolds, it will be intriguing to see how the fusion of sports, culture, and business continues to evolve and how it will impact the perception and sales of Italian goods worldwide. This approach not only enriches the business landscape but also enhances Italy's soft power on the global stage.


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