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Iryo Becomes Official Sponsor of Atlético de Madrid.

Roger Hampel

Iryo Atlético de Madrid
Iryo Atlético de Madrid

FOT: Atletico Madrid

Iryo, Spain's leading private high-speed rail operator and the second largest in Europe, announced its official sponsorship of Atlético de Madrid for the current and 2024-25 football seasons. This marks a significant collaboration between the realms of high-speed rail transport and professional football, aiming to enhance the travel arrangements for one of Spain's premier football clubs.

The partnership was inaugurated with Atlético de Madrid's team traveling to Seville for a LaLiga match on an Iryo train. The event was commemorated with a photo session at the Puerta de Atocha-Almudena Grandes station, featuring Atlético's vice-president Antonio Alonso, Iryo's CEO Simone Gorini, and several first-team players. This moment symbolizes the merging of high-speed rail with top-tier football, setting the stage for a novel travel experience for the team.

Under this new sponsorship, Atlético de Madrid will utilize Iryo's services for travel to various destinations across the Iberian Peninsula. The operator's network includes major cities such as Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Tarragona, Cuenca, Albacete, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Cordoba, and Seville. For their initial journey, Atlético's players experienced the comforts of Iryo's 'Infinita Bistró' fare, reflecting the high standards of service and quality that Iryo aims to provide.

Iryo's objective with this partnership extends beyond mere sponsorship; the company seeks to lead by example in the Iberian transportation market, emphasizing safety, quality, and a superior travel experience. Aligning with Atlético de Madrid allows Iryo to showcase its commitment to these values while also supporting the logistical needs of a top football team with its fleet of 20 modern, sustainable trains.

This collaboration between Iryo and Atlético de Madrid illustrates a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. By choosing Iryo as its official travel partner, Atlético de Madrid demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to team travel, prioritizing sustainability and comfort. The partnership not only benefits the football club in terms of improved travel logistics but also enhances Iryo's profile as a leader in high-speed rail transport in Europe.

As Iryo embarks on this partnership with Atlético de Madrid, the focus is on providing a seamless, high-quality travel experience for the team. This collaboration is a testament to the growing synergy between different sectors, in this case, transportation and sports, aiming to improve operational efficiencies and promote sustainable travel alternatives.

Source: Atletico Madrid


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