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Inter's Partnership with Recrowd: A Crowdfunding Success Story.

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Roger Hampel

In the rapidly evolving world of sports financing, new models are continuously emerging, pushing boundaries and redefining how clubs fund their projects. Among the most recent innovations in this space is crowdfunding, a strategy that empowers communities to contribute to causes they are passionate about. Inter Milan, one of the giants in world football, has successfully tapped into this reservoir of fan passion and community engagement through its partnership with Recrowd. Here's a deep dive into this success story.

Inter and Crowdfunding: A Match Made in Heaven

The Nerazzurri have always had a reputation for being forward-thinking, both on and off the field. Their recent association with Recrowd, their Official Crowdfunding Partner, has only reinforced this perception. On 20th October, the club celebrated a significant milestone with Recrowd: a whopping €100 million raised through their combined efforts.

Key Players in the Collaboration

The "100% Made in Recrowd" event that celebrated this achievement was attended by top-tier management from Inter, reflecting the significance of this collaboration. Figures like Vice President Javier Zanetti and CEO Corporate Alessandro Antonelli marked their presence, validating the importance of crowdfunding in Inter's current and future strategies.

Beyond the €100 Million: Looking Forward

With this new-found success, what's next for Inter and Recrowd? It's clear from the recent event that there's more to this partnership than just fundraising. The club intends to leverage this relationship to enhance its B2B relations. Furthermore, with Recrowd reaching the €100 million mark, reinvestments are on the horizon. These funds will likely be channeled into new projects, expanding the club's footprint and potentially revolutionizing the way sports clubs think about financing.


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