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Inter Milan and TUDOR Celebrate Scudetto Triumph with Exclusive Watch Edition.

Roger Hampel

Inter Milan TUDOR
Inter Milan TUDOR

In a collaboration that combines the thrill of football with the elegance of horology, FC Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan) and renowned watchmaker TUDOR have partnered to commemorate Inter's 20th Serie A title with a special edition timepiece. This partnership marks the creation of the Black Bay 58 Nerazzurri, an exclusive watch that celebrates a historic season for the club.

The Black Bay 58 Nerazzurri: A Fusion of Heritage and Prestige

The Black Bay 58 model, drawing its name from the year it was first introduced as TUDOR's pioneering waterproof diving watch, encapsulates a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern craftsmanship. The special edition for Inter Milan is distinguished by its blue ombré dial featuring the club's logo and the iconic gold printing of two stars, symbolizing the club's 20 league titles.

Designed with a 39 mm case that mirrors the dimensions popular in the 1950s, the Black Bay 58 Nerazzurri adds a contemporary twist with gold finishes on the indexes, hands, and the minute track of the black and steel bezel, aligning with the aesthetics of both the watchmaker and the football club.

Celebrating a Milestone with Style

Inter Milan's partnership with TUDOR follows a remarkable Serie A season that saw the club clinched their 20th scudetto with five matches to spare, a victory sealed by a 2-1 win in the Milan derby. To mark this victory, TUDOR will produce 1,908 numbered editions of the Black Bay 58, a nod to Inter’s founding year. Each player will receive a watch corresponding to their shirt number, further personalizing this memorable celebration.

Exclusive Launch and Availability

The limited-edition watch will be showcased at the San Siro Lounges during Inter's match against Lazio and at the "I M 2STARS" event at Castello Sforzesco. Following these events, the watch will be available for purchase online, as well as at the TUDOR Boutique in Milan and Rome and through authorized TUDOR resellers across Italy.

A Symbol of Unity and Pride

This collaboration not only symbolizes a celebration of Inter Milan’s triumphant season but also serves as a bridge between the passionate worlds of football and luxury watches. It reflects the shared values of excellence and precision that both Inter Milan and TUDOR uphold, making this limited edition a collector’s dream and a symbol of enduring success.

For fans and collectors alike, it represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of football history intertwined with horological craftsmanship.


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