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FC St. Pauli and PUMA Embark on a Sustainable Journey Together.

Roger Hampel

FC St. Pauli and PUMA
FC St. Pauli and PUMA

In an exciting development for football enthusiasts, FC St. Pauli and PUMA have announced a comprehensive long-term collaboration. Starting from the 2024/25 season, the renowned sportswear company will be equipping both the professional team and the youth performance center of FC St. Pauli.

Prioritizing Sustainability

Central to this partnership is a shared vision for sustainability. Together, FC St. Pauli and PUMA will produce jerseys and training apparel crafted from recycled materials. This initiative showcases a commitment to circularity and resource conservation, setting new standards that the club couldn't have achieved on its own.

While St. Pauli's own brand, DIIY, and its sustainable sportswear line will continue to make waves, some of its initiatives will now be in collaboration with PUMA. As FCSP President Oke Göttlich stated, the partnership offers more visibility, cooperative opportunities, and financial security through PUMA's global brand presence. The ambitions of FC St. Pauli to scale sustainable solutions would have been challenging without such a prominent partner.

FC St. Pauli and PUMA

More than Just Sustainability

Beyond environmental concerns, PUMA's commitment to supporting assertive athletes and advocating for diversity, good governance, and integrity resonates with FC St. Pauli's ethos. PUMA's reputation for breaking conventions in the sports world with innovative ideas aligns perfectly with FC St. Pauli's values.

Martin Geisthardt, Head of Marketing at Kiezclub, added that PUMA's expertise and ambitions would be invaluable in pushing for a more sustainable business model. Thanks to PUMA's network, FC St. Pauli's sustainable sportswear success story can now resonate in an international context.

Moreover, PUMA's decision to shift a significant portion of production for FCSP equipment to Europe taps into the structures and expertise developed by FCSP's merchandising efforts, especially through the DIIY brand.

PUMA Chief Executive Officer, Arne Freundt, echoed the enthusiasm, recognizing FC St. Pauli as one of the most intriguing football clubs in Germany. The club's unique culture, significant social responsibility, and passionate fans make this partnership a "perfect match."

In conclusion, this collaboration promises to usher in a new era of sustainable sportswear and mutual growth for both FC St. Pauli and PUMA. It’s an exciting chapter, and fans across the globe eagerly await the innovations this partnership will bring to the forefront of sport and sustainability.


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